Rammstein show.

This goes a long way to restore my faith in the people of Earth

Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Once in a while you’ll get shown the light. Congratulations, you’re seeing the dead with John Mayer on their last tour. Consider yourself extremely lucky, but still get a solo Mayer date if you’re able to.

  2. **checks back in 2025 for gd60 to see if mike’s in again

  3. There’s a book about how Football, ICP, and The Dead and alike are all extremely similar.

  4. I like hearing Page compliment Trey’s shirt when they walk on sometimes.

  5. 90 minutes, perfect every time! That’s the Emeril Laggrasse way, baby! BAM!

  6. Wait until the flip is so incredibly cohesive and well thought out that you wait for the flip for the experience!!!! . I don’t own any KG vinyl, just CDs, but my personal favorite record that does it so good is down there by Avey tare - glass bottom boat/ghost of books fade out/flip/fade in is heaven.

  7. If you were there you saw Lava become a real life movie at red rocks. It was insanely prolific and heightened my senses of hyper-reality.. been wanting to mention how crazy it was. Kind of a bit spiritually configured in that moment. I guess it’s my flair, but anyway.. good one.

  8. My buddy gave me 3 cassettes, one is a mixtape with covers by zep and smashing pumpkins, also a really fantastic cars trucks buses with horns. I’m happy my 03’ Prius has a tape deck, it needs more tapes though. Good finds, demand at the end of hoist has the best melt ever on it!

  9. While we’re at it: can anyone lead me to the “shortest” complete harpua ever? Not Clifford ball since it’s unfinished. Always been trying to find one. My personal favorite is the next one, of course!

  10. Got into gizz from red rocks shows, never be the same. just fucking incredible man..

  11. Love it!! Would love to know more of whats in his head sometimes haha

  12. Anything to properly make the set lists correct. Rattlesnake automation honey is kinda all rattlesnake, would be cool to fit all of that into one but understood. I cannot fathom buying the levitation one with day 1, 2 and 3 all ending and starting on the same record side. Unbelievable haha

  13. “I wear two bandanas, okay? One to cover my forehead, of course - and one to cover my wristwatch, because in the cube zone.. time doesn’t exist man”

  14. Sabotage at merriweather in 98

  15. My friend 1.0 Danny threw me a mix tape with this on it today. Was so happy to relive listening to again “for the first time” but on a tape - a Phish MIX tape, in the wrong labeled cassette! Pleasant surprise.

  16. My sock puppet goose told you to put it out! HONK!

  17. This should be a higher comment, because this is, of all time, a higher comment.

  18. Lmao, I’m not gonna lie.. what is the weed situation like down on the beach?

  19. Wait. What the fuck lol Bytes is the kid laroi skin /s I’ve been calling bytes Kid Laroi this entire time and now the real Kid Laroi is here. Imma have to check myself on that one.. wow hahahahah

  20. “BEST DAY EVER” sign hanging. Truly was. I think about it almost every day, one of my favorite memories with my friends ever honestly. Can’t wait to go back, feels like heaven to be on the floor at dicks. So grateful for that night man.. such a phenomenal show. At least he had some boots!

  21. Flies on my dick by ween is definitely up there for wildest music to come on for me. That being said, brothersport to the rhythm. Cbat style

  22. Just for future reference, if you need to abort, benzos will do it. You can search other meds that work, someone said Benadryl works, but I’m not sure on that one. I’m not promoting the use of benzos recreationally, but I think it’s ok to have one around if you are stuck in a dark place.

  23. Seroquel, I personally take it and has helped super easily like any other night while needing to get out of a trip - but this is my personal experience. Do what’s best for you, even some chamomile tea has gotten me leveled out before

  24. Try to suffocate yourself while doing it too! It’s the perfect Everest simulator

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