1. are you buying Long options? If so, is there a specific date of expiration? Thank you for sharing!!

  2. Thank you for the reply! Would you recommend divvying up your bucket to buy a combo of short term (1-2 weeks) and longer term (30 days or more) expiries?

  3. 1-2 weeks is too short in my opinion, you'd get eaten by theta (time decay) in an option. Too much risk for me

  4. Thank you! Paper trading your picks to see how good they are but the market is so volatile lately it must be difficult for AI to see trends

  5. Days like this are heart wrenching for sure. It is hard to predict individual events from happening (such as an increase in 0.1% in inflation and the market's subsequent overreaction)

  6. So are these picks now void due to market dump today after CPI report or are the still valid?

  7. great question. I would evaluate case by case depending on how much each stock has reacted and compare that with the target Low. If it has significantly dropped (>5%) with respect to Target Low then cut losses.

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