1. Which is funny, because the looters I've seen in SWFL were white.

  2. And interestingly enough, when white criminals are shot and killed by the police, white people don’t care the ethnicity of the officer, nor do they feel some sort of misplaced solidarity with the dead criminals just because of skin color, and they don’t go rioting, burning and looting over another dead criminal.

  3. If you are in an MOS they need, Fort Sam Houston/Joint Base San Antonio.

  4. Since when did pregnancy become this impossible to deal with issue. Like if you don’t want a baby; don’t have sex or use birth control.

  5. “If you don’t want a baby; don’t have sex or use birth control.”

  6. Yup… and there are people who predicted the economy would worsen and World War 3 would occur under a certain President.

  7. It is… but part of the enjoyment of fiction and imaginary worlds that artists and writers create is the effort and care put into their “product.”

  8. I’ll take the bootleg BCG. PM sent.

  9. Yeah there seems to be a lot thrown at the wall all at once and they are trying to figure it out as they go instead of having a plan in place.

  10. I believe they (editorial staff) get away with the “throwing it all on the wall and see what sticks” approach because they’ve gotten used to just rebooting their IP universe every decade.

  11. They could, I dunno, work the same jobs as men.

  12. It did, and then for better or worse, corporations’ access to a labor pool doubled.

  13. I just read an article about him earlier, and he said that people at a con in Belgium said they weren't lining up at his table because of the way his character treated Eleven. That's not racism. A lot of people don't like actors who play unlikable characters. William Atherton nearly stopped acting because I guess people assumed that he actually was a snide EPA agent that harrased the Ghostbusters. People are dumb. They often can't separate people from their rolls.

  14. Billy Dee Williams would relate in interviews that he received some hate from children because his character Lando Calrissian betrayed Han Solo in ‘Empire’ back when it came out.

  15. It's sad because the place looked like it would be awesome to live in from the space needle. Once you head back down and you see everything that's actually going on it breaks my heart.

  16. Many liberal-controlled places would benefit from conservatives coming in, gentrifying them, and making them more pleasant and safer for tourists and businesses alike to visit and set up shop. Location is still key and the liberals are squatting on some prime real estate.

  17. Haven’t been to Seattle but I was in Portland in like 2014 and then again in like 2020, my experience was vastly different.

  18. If I were running the content at Fox News, I would be running yearly anniversary follow up stories about the “peaceful protests” and interviewing those who lost their loved ones, livelihoods, businesses, etc, so a good portion of the USA could get their “purge” on in the same of Saint Floyd.

  19. 10 years ago the media was awash with how sexy dad bods are. Male body positivity has always been around.

  20. Yeah, sure… when I see the male equivalent of Lizzo being championed in the media for his “confidence” and being “healthy at any size,” while also publicly desiring Scarlett Johansson without being called “entitled,” then I’ll give those dad bod articles some credence.

  21. Getting sick of hearing of this guy, I did check out one of his random monologues and he was actually glorifying the FBI and saying Republicans were being whiny. This is despite the FBI being caught trying to abduct the governor of Michigan and convicted of falsifying documents to secure spying warrants.

  22. Heh heh. The Left’s all behind the FBI now but sure were all aboard the ACAB train when Trump sent FBI teams into rioting cities to snatch and grab some of their “ideas.”

  23. I just hope they stop trying to be funny in the movies to come. That murdered Thor L&T, it was almost unbearable to watch

  24. I agree that Namor shouldn’t be humorous. He is a king, like T’Challa and shouldn’t be dropping contemporary quips like Iron Man.

  25. I got out as an E5 crane operator in the late 90s with my final role being S-3 NCOIC and IT officer before there were IT MOSs in a run-of-the-mill battalion.

  26. I know it might bruise their egos to get back in a “worker bee” mindset, but shouldn’t they be able to fall back on their earlier years and understand that good leaders should still know when and how to follow?

  27. Some can and some can’t hence the reason I used the Air Force vs Marine O6.

  28. True, excellent points. Oh, and kudos to you and your wife killing it with your combined income!

  29. The amount of violent criminals who have wives and girlfriends visiting them in prison is astounding.

  30. They might get some former soldiers back if they weren’t forced to go through basic/OSUT again due to their time out of uniform.

  31. This would be national, front and center news if the political affiliations were reversed.

  32. What dirt does retired GEN Shinseki have on the Army’s leaders that they’ve continuously refused to get rid of the black beret?

  33. You just made me realize the Avatar drivers have store-bought warg capabilities.

  34. I noticed the OP’s MOS appears to be 68W…

  35. Yet, surprisingly still relevant for the current state of affairs

  36. “All cops are bastards…” until the Left sends them against conservatives.

  37. I’ve noticed not one single Democrat has leapt on the opportunity to loudly and proudly open their home(s) to these illegal immigrants.

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