1. Sabrina Carpenter! Her music is so fun and dance-y, but she can also sing her heart out on a ballad

  2. One of Taylor’s best songs!! It’s clever, relatable, and the imagery is incredible. An under appreciated masterpiece!

  3. Gonna have to 2nd that on the edibles lol

  4. I gotta stick with my man QB1! Fly Eagles Fly!

  5. Midnight Rain! But Karma would be so fun!

  6. Do you mind if I save this and make it my wallpaper? It’s so pretty! My favorite shade of purple

  7. The brunette makes Sabrina’s eyes pop! And looks so good with her skin tone!

  8. Cruel Summer but I would also put up a fight for Getaway Car


  10. I never see anyone talking about them! And I’ve seen a few posts here and there about not liking IWYW and DWOHT! I LOVE these songs!

  11. dancing with our hands tied is in my top 10 i love it smmmm🤩

  12. SO GOOD! It deserves more love! It could’ve had such a good music video too!

  13. I haven't watched in a long time but I thought the issue was she was abusing ADHD medication that she did not need? Please correct me if I'm wrong I was obsessed with this show when it aired but not so much anymore.

  14. That’s what I thought! I think Andrew started supplying her with the amphetamines and that led to Spencer pretending to be her mom on the phone with the doctor to get her own prescription

  15. You can just feel her happiness and joy in these photos. So sweet and genuine. It’s heartbreaking that so many people broke this girls spirit

  16. I love Taylor to death but holy shit this was boring. The aesthetic is beautiful, but I miss a story. Anti hero had me on a chokehold because it contained a narrative and a lot of symbolism, making it fun to watch many times. Lavender Haze was a one time watch for me and that's it.

  17. The things I would do for a Midnight Rain mv! There are so many cool and creative ways she could execute it! Isn’t it also her 3rd most streamed song on Spotify? People clearly like it so I think it would be a successful single

  18. I don't understand why her videos look so cheap. She has all the money but ends up with this? I couldn't watch till the end lol.

  19. All of the videos directed by Joseph Kahn are definitely her best

  20. I’m baffled by Michigan being one of two states with a 13 in the forecast. What the hell about Michigan?! Make it make sense

  21. Taylor Lautner is from Michigan….Midnight Rain reference maybe?

  22. I would love to see Blake Lively direct again! IBYTAM is my favorite video by far

  23. “All of me changed like midnight”

  24. All great points! Idk how Ethan didn’t struggle w BK, or maybe he did and we don’t know yet.. was he asleep, I haven’t seen those details yet.. so many unanswered questions…

  25. Obviously this is just a guess, but based on the pictures of the mattresses they were removing from the home the blood on the mattress appears to be blood stains in the shape of a body, and since we know Xana was found on the floor I think Ethan was asleep on the bed

  26. Reputation with Midnights in a close second!

  27. Jenna Ortega! I thought she was great in Jane the Virgin, but You definitely solidified it

  28. The more I look at the image of him coming into court, the more dark and sinister he becomes. Leaving the sheath I think was intentional possibly a test - if I can leave this and they don’t get me that proves xyz. He was comfortable enough using this weapon that he got into his car and drove away and then was back teaching on Monday morning. He probably did this before. Not to mention he then a month or so later drove across country. Like none of it happened.

  29. The fact that his dark and sinister face was the last thing those sweet kids saw…it breaks my heart

  30. Wow! Your talent is out of this world!

  31. I’m responsible for 100.6 million streams of So It Goes

  32. Imagine thinking you’re some kind of criminal mastermind just to be taken down by a Mini Golden Doodle (Good boy Murphy!)

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