1. And get young moderates/liberals to run against these people.

  2. We used the bells early with our pup. She eventually did the constant bell ringing too. When we felt she understood the purpose of the bells and she had very few accidents we took the bells down because they were driving us crazy-like you now! We left them down for a couple of months. We put them back up a few weeks ago and she now uses them much more appropriately. I thought we had made a mistake with the bells but now I am glad we have them. Like so many things with these creatures, it’s a process.

  3. I think he'd be extremely dangerous. He is much smarter than Trump and is more fanatical in his belief system. And, unlike Trump he's not in it for a Grift, he truly wants to take the country down a dark hole.

  4. This plus he is young and will have many decades to finish us off.

  5. Our puppy was veeeery excitable at mealtime. I worked with her on slowly lowering her food to her dish only while she was calm. I make her sit, and once she does and sits nicely I give her a kibble from my hand telling her "good girl" and "calm", then lower the scoop. It took a few tries and if she went wild I'd lift the scoop and start over. Now I can set the scoop in the dish and keep her attention on my hand with Kibble in it.

  6. You could use a slow bowl as well. Our puppy did this and would frequently vomit her food up because she ate so fast. The slow bowl did the trick. She is 9 months now and is a normal eater. Sometimes the food even sits for hours before she eats it!! 😉

  7. If only Americans were taught history. I’m on a top tier university campus and even the political science majors I’ve befriended have not the slightest clue what’s happening today or understand the depths of what you discussed. We are the most ignorant society when you consider the technology we have today and the information available in the richest nation in the world. Today our activists are fully distracted fighting the word “woke” instead of bringing people together to figure out what we need to do to prevent our demise. It’s a psy-op and we’re all being monitored online for our responses. Those who don’t get online and rely on their TV’s for news are entirely clueless or are being brainwashed by RW propaganda. Americans intentionally never heard of the Business Plot so that on January 7th, 2020 they felt safe at home so much that they didn’t even have to discuss what happened on the previous day with their neighbors. Everything is under control and tomorrow is another day.

  8. I would think all of this should be taught in HS or at least to freshman in college. I am in my early sixties so none of this was “really history” or hadn’t yet happened. We stopped at WW2. I guess my question is when does an event start getting included in required history classes? Or should these types of issues be addressed in required recent events civics classes? History is already repeating itself.

  9. Every teacher/professor should feel obligated to educate their students on history as accurately as they can. They should especially emphasize the events that occurred in recent history that are pertinent to the safety/establishment of our democracy. Should HIST 1301 (pre-civil war) history go into the fine details of what came next? Maybe not, but they should be mentioned ahead of their next class in ways that tie them to powers that allowed them materialize and “repeat” themselves as you’ve pointed out. We’re now at the point in time where we don’t have the ability to run and hide anymore. There will be no Underground Railroad to free the upcoming generation of slaves. We are already captured in many ways. IMO as we approach the brink of fascism, every h.s./college educator should make it a point to bring it up someway, somehow. It doesn’t matter if a student is working towards a computer science degree or a degree in biology. Their degrees will be useless soon and their time will have been wasted studying instead of doing what needs to be done to protect themselves and their futures.

  10. Yes! Maybe a Post WW2 history class or even a 20th century to present class I know my now young adult kids have mentioned they didn’t always much post WW2 because they ran out of time. Like in so many areas of our society (racial justice, criminal justice, the environment, etc) history needs to be rethought and accurately taught so we can start again on our quest for a more perfect union, because we are definitely off the path right now.

  11. Graphics will be your best bet. My autistic son still couldn’t read in 5th grade. He had had so much intervention but just didn’t get it. One day a wonderful paraprofessional gave him a Simpson’s graphic novel. He looked at the pictures and was so interested in the story. We would all read them to him but at some point he decided he wanted to read them himself. Over several months, and many Simpson graphics later, he picked up reading. He still says Homer Simpson taught him to read. Find a graphic novel series he likes-the library should have some. Just read them to him. You may be surprised at what a high interest story can do for motivation. Reading to him with pictures will help. (The high low books are a great idea but our son’s interests were still above those books.) BTW, you are a wonderful person and advocate for this child and his parents. Best of luck to you.

  12. TV Land airs Bonanza and Gun Smoke daily…

  13. Agreed but don’t quite buy the “lack of nature” narrative. The local flora and fauna are quite unique, especially in Kansas. We certainly do not have any mountains or oceans, but do have lakes, fishing, hunting, bird spotting, etc. reflecting the natural beauty of the area.

  14. Johnson County KS has a great paved trail system.

  15. If you don’t need the dog to be in a crate for potty/safety there is no reason to use the crate. I would just bring the bed to your room at night. You can take to another place in the house during the day. Or get several and place them in different rooms.

  16. Which would automatically increase access to both physical and MENTAL health services. Vote Blue.

  17. The Taco Scene is awesome here!

  18. Even in rural La Cygne, KS, (1 hour south of KC) I found these excellent street tacos, $1.89 each, at Quik Taco

  19. Those are making me hungry!!

  20. Bad Sisters is Irish, not British. And it's sooooo good.

  21. Oh, I thought Ireland is part of GB. Sorry.

  22. Northern Ireland is part of the UK. But this takes place in Dublin. :)

  23. Yes, thanks! I should have known that since I watched (& loved) Derry Girls! Out of curiosity, is it easy for the Irish to move to England?

  24. If she is whining she needs to go to the bathroom. If she is barking/howling she is just unhappy. That how we have rolled with our 9 month old pup and it hasn’t failed yet. We do have her crate next to our bed and I believe we get extra time in the mornings because of it.

  25. It would be good to accept even if you don’t take all of the services offered. Don’t know your situation, obviously, but if you have a disability that could hinder full employment as an adult take it for Medicaid if for nothing else. If you turn it down and need it later you will go to the back of the line and have to wait years. At the very least, meet with the agency and learn about what you would receive.

  26. If they are that bad you need to get an allergist. They will test you to find out exactly what you are allergic to and determine if you qualify for allergy shots. If you do, you will build up immunity over time and your symptoms will be greatly reduced.

  27. Since the character is off canvas the writers just ignore an entire bloodline and expect us to not notice. 🙄

  28. I think you gotta make peace that you love to hate the show. Go ahead and watch.

  29. Virgin River!!! Why do I watch this show?!? My husband ( who doesn’t watch any soaps but is an Animal House fan 😂) also got hooked on it. We like to make fun of it.

  30. Yep we make fun of it so much and I even bought the book to read and compare to it.

  31. OMG there’s a book!! Is it “better” than the show?

  32. The place at 151st and 69 is called Top Soup Yunnan Noodle. However, it is Chinese.

  33. “Wish You Well” by David Baldacci is a wonderful book (not a typical read by this author). It is set in Southwestern VA but is Appalachian and the atmosphere is vey much part of the story.

  34. I really appreciate the advice! I will for sure get him to try that

  35. I have had three dogs that all did this when they were young. All raised differently so I wouldn’t assume any one thing causes it. It will most likely resolve on its own but desensitization, ignoring him, and taking the dog outside during the initial arrival of your husband are great ideas. We just brought our pups outside when greeting people. They all stopped the piddling over time.

  36. This is just one more example of the far right legislators not listening and using their brains. The only way out of this lunacy is to vote out the right wing nuts-from local to state to federal offices. To do this we need candidates who possess common sense. These people don’t have it. They claim to be Christian but Jesus Christ himself would not recognize or claim them. They are nothing but close minded, self righteous, hateful individuals. Please young people, run for office so we can vote them out of office-it is our only way out of this mess.

  37. Why do people seem to think theft of services is ok?

  38. I have a kid in college who is a dependent. I don’t think allowing her to use my YTTV account is theft in any way.

  39. Health insurance (medicare) wont kick in until 65, though. So, you will have to pay 1,000 a month of your social security to pay for your own.

  40. Which is why most people will work until they are at least 65 if they can manage - it unless they can get insurance through their spouse.

  41. Still hard to get used to Hector walking around shooting people 🛎️

  42. Season 3 opens with Jimmy in a wheelchair with a bell attached to the armrest.

  43. It was just a joke. I hope it’s the last season…

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