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  1. Thank you! For some reason I thought they were a clues to the theme song, and I couldn't think past that

  2. Yes! Sometimes I don't want to rewatch a video for a specific joke, so the compilations typically give me the parts I'm looking for as well as other hidden/Forgotten gems!

  3. They're definitely just friends now. And ten gallon weiner has moved on to vamola

  4. While I think TGW (ten gallon weiner) mainly is interested in Vamola, he still probably likes Momo

  5. If you give the places a reverse value (1st is 10, 10th is 1, Not appearing is 0), here's each character listed's score:

  6. Great post, your list is pretty perfect, but I would swap out Kevin for Sheldon.

  7. It was toss up between Kevin and Sheldon for me. They're both crazy good. And Doug and Dale definitely deserve a lot of credit. Dale went out too early both seasons IMO and Doug just had the misfortune of going up against some strong competitors. Would love to see him again

  8. Dang OP- I opened this to basically type your list. I feel like Tiffany Faison got super screwed in her season, but she’s so successful now I don’t mind.

  9. Great minds think alike! And true, I'm glad to see she's doing very well gor herself now!

  10. Bryan Voltaggio, Kevin Gillespie, Gregory Gourdet, Antonia Lofaso, and Sheldon of course!!

  11. I forgot about Antonia! She's also very worthy of a title!

  12. You have one of mine with Nini. My others are Fatima, Stephenie Izard and Mei Lin

  13. I'm biased because it was my first series, but Sonic Boom will always hold a special place in my heart

  14. I don't know where it is, but I have the Gordon plush! Such a nostalgia trip you sent me on

  15. I found one in a local gamestore for $45 still in box!

  16. Ooooh! another pseudo-Amiibo collector. The Totaku I own are Crash, Coco, Cortex, Spyro, Parappa, Sackboy, Lara Croft, Masterchief, Hitman, Marcus Fenix, Kratos, and some guy from Soul Caliber.

  17. Same! But unfortunately I don't have too many Totaku. I have Jin Kazama, Bloodborne Hunter, Viewtiful Joe, Crash and Marcus Fenix. Your collection sounds pretty good!

  18. Well, I can at least pretend it's a Mii Brawler amiibo

  19. That figure of Satoru Gojo is gonna hurt going up these cheeks

  20. 13 is where I stopped watching it, and I've been happy with that. I didn't watch 14 because I heard it was just a bunch of random stories, but people here are saying it was good. Should I check it out or am I good with just 13?

  21. 14 has some good stories that add some good lore to the show. Definitely check it out, and since they're not all connected, you don't have to commit to the episodes you aren't feeling!

  22. I think Ehren has slowly been climbing from the bottom of the barrel towards the top. There's an older JA interview on YouTube where Bam rips Ehren over the protective pads and helmet and the entire "Danger Ehren-- safety first" persona. There are various clips of Johnny humiliating Ehren calling him a "pussy" and just being generally rude and condescending.

  23. was gonna say Wash until I read your comment, my boi is sterile these days haha

  24. And you know Sarge is definitely happy that there'll never be any Grif Jrs around

  25. Unless a sangheli does its magic and makes him pregnant

  26. That's a good point. Then Grif and Tucker can have a dad off. Season 19 let's go!

  27. This was great! Hope to see the other ones!

  28. Stop next to your friends, drop them with a swift fire punch, and roll around on them!

  29. I hadn't heard about the awakened orochi team. Is that true??

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