1. Hello! How much is 16" and micomello Wendy? Pmed!

  2. Hey! Interested in buying 12" Wendy! PMed.

  3. I know its a while ago but do you still have wendy?

  4. Interested in Wendy (Any of the 4) Prices? :D

  5. I say yes but like I am way to similar to her, I think we'd fight like sisters.

  6. Omg just like how Reagan sounds like Lizzy Caplan! /s

  7. I thought so too. They looked so similar.

  8. The question is totally subjective as to best campus for what?

  9. Just in general, where do you like to be the most?

  10. CSB- Downtown New Brunswick Art Building

  11. There isn't cause MGSA is the only place where I feel like I am a part of anything. Plus it has some of the best art profs in the world.

  12. Season 10 episode 1. Like what was the reason 😢

  13. I run french club, our IG is RuFacile ! Also on groupme and getinvolved. Its a great place to meet french speakers!

  14. No, all MGSA studios are 6 hours long. (some are 3h in 2 day). But no none of the arts and design classes are open to non-MGSA as MGSA students pay an extra fee to take art classes that are a maximum of 15 people per class.

  15. No, do a mail-in ballot next time. Each county votes for different things.

  16. Nope, MGSA art classes are only open to MGSA unless you take the minor which is 6 classes. It is because of how small the class sizes is. We have a max of 15 per student and MGSA students have to pay hella extra for tuition and fees to keep it that way.

  17. I’m guessing you need to be granted permission before being allowed to declare a minor? Like some sort of a skill test to make sure you don’t slow down the rest of the class

  18. Same, my back pay from september STILL has not been giving to me... and its Nov :/

  19. A. A single wrap is not the equivalent of even just one bus more on the weekend and B. DOTS didn't pay for it.

  20. I personally wouldn't cause I can't afford it but sounds like a good idea, especially for people who want take-out but are at long classes.

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