1. as a character, yes she’s funny sometimes. as a mother, no i hated her.

  2. Maybe but I'm British and how you take your tea and when you put the milk in is a topic of debate and can get nasty. It's an extension ourselves and our culture. I'm not ashamed to say I once broke up with a guy because he put the milk in first over the tea bag. It was never going to work.

  3. I never understood why Rory didn’t tell Olivia. I would have done that immediately. Like pull her aside and say something like “look, this is weird, but Lucy’s bf blah blah blah, what do you think I should do?” Then again, just because that’s what I would have done doesn’t necessarily mean it’s everyone’s first instinct…after putting it off for ages, there’s no “good” way to handle it.

  4. that’s what i was thinking when i was watching it too… telling olivia would be the first thing i would do. as lucy’s best friend, olivia would for sure know the right way to handle things.

  5. for all the people who keep saying “we just had this conversation yesterday” or whatever… my bad i guess? i wasn’t exactly keeping track

  6. Rory explicitly told him not to say anything. He didn’t honor that. For that reason alone, he was in the wrong.

  7. yes, but rory was telling him to do something that was wrong. @jm22mccl said something about that- logan shouldn’t have had to lie about marty just because rory wanted him to

  8. Yep, I agreed Jess matured a lot. That's why I'm glad he & Rory didn't reunite. No way did she deserve the new & improved Jess.

  9. this!! jess matured and would’ve been a great boyfriend probably, but frankly, rory got more immature and wouldn’t have deserved him. she’d probably cheat on him with logan and then be like “but he’s MY logan🥺”

  10. Logan is not any of those thing but his smile does something to me.

  11. hahaha i totally agree… i’m a sucker for a pretty smile and a teasing personality

  12. I just went back and watched it, and I have to say that yes, I'm bothered by it. I don't think it's overtly racist, but it definitely wouldn't have been in there had the show been made today.

  13. yes, exactly! i don’t think it’s horrifyingly racist, but i was definitely a little surprised and slightly uncomfortable. and i agree that the joke didn’t really make sense, so it was weird that they included it.

  14. Yeah, you are adding so much to this that isn't there. The whipcrack thing was a VERY popular joke in the early 2000s. You'd have to hurt yourself stretching to make this racist in the context of that scene.

  15. hmm, okay. i was just thinking since michel is black and the topic was “work”? “back to work!” with the whipcrack seems kind of wrong to me but i guess i might be stretching

  16. is there an average amount that insurance covers? like a range? or is it completely different depending on the insurance

  17. I took the bus to school when I was 8. My friends liked to play this game where they would hide when I would get on the bus and I would have to find them so we could sit together. One day, I asked them why they did this, and they said that it wasn't a game; they actually just didn't want to sit with me because I was annoying.

  18. oh my gosh… little kids are so cruel sometimes, that must’ve been so horrible

  19. yup, 100%. it’s not like dean and rory were just friends… it was obvious they still had feelings for each other, and by then rory had made plenty of unnecessary comments about lindsay. i hated rory in those scenes. their marriage was absolutely NONE of her business.

  20. this might be an unpopular opinion, but i feel like chris and lorelai were a cuter couple than luke and lorelai. of course, chris was a dick a lot of the times, but when they were actually a happy couple, their chemistry was incomparable. chris matched her energy a lot better than luke did

  21. meeting expectations. i never will, and i know that, but i will probably never stop trying to make everyone happy

  22. Interesting. She's Marilyn, and it oddly reminds me of the Donna Reed episode.

  23. yeah i definitely think that was on purpose - dean wanted a picture perfect wife, but when he actually had one, he screwed it up.

  24. Has anyone who got a code during presale but didn’t get tickets NOT gotten this email for the shows that they have sent them out for so far (Glendale through Philly)?? I fall in this group of people but don’t want to get my hopes up for Metlife since it’s the highest demand show

  25. wait, so they’ve only sent out emails for glendale-philly? so if i was looking to go to a san francisco show, those emails haven’t been sent out yet?

  26. buyer’s regret. i’ll go shopping, buy a cute sweater, come home, and immediately regretting “wasting” money on it. every single time.

  27. i have to make a point that i don’t really see people make - yes, dean was an ass. he was possessive and jealous and mean whenever jess was around rory. but, jess sucked too. he purposely followed rory around and flirted with her, knowing that she was in a relationship. both dean AND jess were the problem.

  28. i think it’s such a nice name! pretty, but not so pretty that it’s too girly. i also love jude, leo, elias

  29. i’m definitely the kind of person who buries uncomfortable feelings in order to keep the peace… i would 100% save the argument until after dinner, and even probably then, i’d give up on the argument when it got too much

  30. If your going to talj about oh Rory being terrible to her boyfriend and cheating on him. Logan was a terrible fiance cheating with Rory why dont you point that out to instead of shittting on Rory about cheating.

  31. well duh. obviously they’re both in the wrong. they’re both cheating.

  32. I don't understand the "Justice for Lane" and "Lane didn't deserve her ending" that everyone says. At the end of the show and in the revival, Lane is happy with her life. Does she not deserve to be happy? She has a husband and two kids she loves. Does she not deserve them? People don't deserve certain endings. You have to work for it. Most people who have a band as teens don't make it big in the music business, especially when they only tour once, and don't really do anything to work toward getting a music deal. She chose to get married young and although she didn't necessarily choose to get pregnant right away, she chose to have the kids. She also apparently chose to work with her mother by the time the revival started, and not do something with music. She still plays with the band and as I said before, she appears to be happy in her life.

  33. i get both sides. on one hand, yes, lane is happy with what she has and it’s wonderful that she loves her life. but on the other… she could’ve discovered so much more of herself, done greater things… but because of mrs. kim, she kind of got stuck.

  34. Thank God I'm not the only one who can't stand her!! And someone brought up the Jamie/Asher situation and the way she just dismissed Jamie after cheating on him was just down right disgusting

  35. yes exactly!! tbh if i was jamie i’d be PISSED to find out that my ex had an affair with a 60yo man and left me for him… jamie was a sweetheart and deserved so much better

  36. that's unpopular?? it just goes to show the level of maturity of certain fans.

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