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  1. I thought there is a mouse cursor in image 1

  2. I'm not disagreeing with your statements. Im sorry if my wording is confusing.

  3. If they run, you chase, dash in is faster than kbd

  4. Ok, I’m gonna be the one, how do you run MC on the deck? Do I Have to get windows?

  5. SteamOS and you get the minecraft im using from the Discover store on Desktop mode.

  6. And this motivates bandai to sell map dlcs in Tekken 8 for $11 usd/map

  7. they should just monetize customisation properly

  8. That too, and make it time limited edition so ppl will buy them asap

  9. i know but i only like true combos also I know he techs I've played him quite regularly

  10. Give Gigas Fahk’s guard break at wall with full charge then he’d be perfect

  11. I'm in love with th " EXCELENT COMBO " In the background

  12. Close, because it’s Victoria Park and Steeles

  13. The street name is the in the corner of the photo ,Warden. It looks like a plaza I used to to go to as a kid. The first photo. The other photo looks like VP and Steeles.

  14. Aside from the obvious one, the other photos are at VP and steeles

  15. You’re not really American until you own an AR

  16. I’m serious, don’t ride the gate, let the lever do it’s work, your strength shouldn’t be more than the lever’s force, on 2P side is even easier to wavuwavu, all you need is your index finger and your thumb, do a slightest flickering…

  17. Is that the regular sanwa lever with a new ball top?

  18. It is, I have the same one, and the dragon ball buttons sucks because they are just stickers, peeled off after a while and left sticky surfaces, it’s a mess to clean

  19. Good to see that catwoman has an active imagination (or at least the writers do) because that shit would never happen, the flash is literally faster than the speed of sound and I'm supposed to believe a regular human catburglar can take him out?

  20. They found him and he apologized due to pressure from social media

  21. If you don’t teach your kids, that’s fine, someone else will do it for you.

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