1. I wish there was more then 4 players on this list, but I’d have to agree with 2/4 of them considering I roster them. No bias at all!

  2. I wrote too much about the first 4 to write more lol. But…I got you with my others

  3. I’m surprised to see Jeremy Peña here. Do you think he he’ll be a top ten shortstop?

  4. I have had him as my #8 shortstop on my FantasyPros rankings for awhile now. Altuve being out just reinforces that. He’s now projected to lead off and with the uncertainty of when Altuve will be back or how effective he’ll be when he is back, Peña could be in line for 100 more PA last year. A 25/15 season with a solid average feels like his floor at this point

  5. Kelenic? We've already done the "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." What's next?

  6. This was a lottery ticket article. Guys taken way late in drafts with a chance at paying off big. Kelenic is that right now.

  7. Happy Saturday! Blake Meyer here from FantasyPros & SGPN breaking down some of the players on my “bust” list for 2023. Happy drafting!

  8. Hey hey! Blake Meyer here from FantasyPros & the Baseball Money Is Fake Podcast! In my latest article I covered one of my favorite stats…BABIP. I broke down the lowest BABIPs of 2022 and what it means for those players in 2023. Happy drafting!

  9. Hey everyone! My latest FantasyPros article is out! I took a dive down the rabbit hole of what a good, pitcher forward draft strategy would look like. Hope you enjoy

  10. Healed UCL means we get the exciting Muncy back lol

  11. I trust Will Myers not to rebound out of the four mentioned (Muncy, Walsh, S.Brown). One of their reasons he'll hit double the home runs is because of a park change, really??

  12. Yes. While some stadiums really don’t offer much in terms of home run factor, Great American ballpark makes average home run power look exceptional.

  13. In a 16 team H2H Cats dynasty I’m in, I have an offer to trade my Jazz for PCA, Joey Wiemer, and Spencer Steer. I think I finished like 9th last year. Should I consider this or just hang on to Jazz in your opinion?

  14. I would keep Jazz. He’s only 25 which makes him an excellent dynasty asset. If you’re really wanting to move him you can get more than that in return

  15. I agree with the upside for sure. We don't need him to be good in the OF, but we do need him to not get hurt. From a draft strategy perspective though, the issue is that 2B is so shallow that losing your starter to injury can really cost you. Even in shallow leagues there won't be much worth a damn on the WW to replace him.

  16. You’ll just have to use a bench spot for a 2B later in the draft as a contingency plan. Thankfully there’s a few guys going really late in drafts that I think make ok backups. McNeil (ADP 179), McMahon (201), Drury (176) are all guys you can get very late and offer position versatility and enough production to hold you over should Jazz get hurt

  17. Depends on your league settings. In my league, yes. You want a top five pitcher.

  18. 12+ team points leagues, especially on Yahoo, seem to favor top end pitchers. Outside of that none of the pitchers with a name other than Ohtani come close to their preseason first round ADPs. Gerrit Cole is a yahoo points league monster, but in roto and category leagues he finishes the year as the 54th best player and Burnes finished the year 38th. Neither of them should be a first round pick in those style leagues

  19. Will Varsho still have catcher eligibility this season? I thought I read he’s gonna be mostly outfield.

  20. Yes he still has the catcher eligibility this season but it will likely be his last season with it so take advantage while you can lol

  21. Man. Look at jrods reaction time. The balls almost past him and he’s still looking at the pitcher. I smell bust.

  22. Hey everyone, Blake here from SGPN and FantsyPros! We had our first major leaguer on the podcast yesterday (Steven Souza Jr) and it was a blast! I hope you all enjoy

  23. Hey everyone! Blake here from SGPN & FantasyPros. On our latest episode of the podcast we tackled the ins and outs of a best ball draft, talked strategy and more!

  24. What’s up everyone! Blake here from SGPN and FantasyPros with the newest episode of our fantasy baseball podcast. We went more in depth into some of the questions from my AMA in the fantasy baseball Reddit and more!

  25. Bonus Rank the five following pitchers in order of best -> worst 2023 fantasy season: Alex Wood, Patrick Sandoval, Jose Urquidy, Jack Flaherty, & Mike Clevinger

  26. H2H Points Keeper League, pick 3: Alvarez Alonso Devers Lindor Bieber Realtmuto Manoah

  27. Think I’m going to go for murphy everywhere this year. His + stats were similar to will smith and contreras although his actual OPS was ~50 points lower. His underlyings were great last year, and he’ll be able to hide in a much better lineup. I think he’s strong enough to hit 25 homers, and his counting stats should improve by a lot as well.

  28. He was probably the toughest one for me to rank. I honestly feel I have him too low, but I need to actually see the boost in power before I can move him. If I see flashes of it early on, he will quickly jump up

  29. Hey everyone! Blake here from SGPN. It’s the time of year where I’ve started working on my position rankings. Started with catchers and will be running through the rest of the positions in the coming weeks! All players are broken down 1-12 with reasoning and tiers. If you don’t feel like reading but are still curious, me and my cohost broke down our rankings on our podcast “Baseball Money Is Fake” which is in the article as well. Thanks for stopping by!

  30. I’m the commissioner and in the finals. I was up by 9.7 points, he had Chase. We agreed to just split the pot and whoever Sleeper crowned as champion got the winners trophy

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