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  1. Is BB even in town? I haven’t seen or heard anything since before the storm. All the statements and tv spots are from the mayors office or from Buffalo DPW.

  2. He's hiding. He'll show up when there's a ribbon cutting for something though

  3. You're definitely not alone. I do Lego sets when life has me stressed out. It definitely helps just sitting there and snapping pieces together and following instructions.

  4. At least credit Bernie Sanders if you're going to copy his tweets.

  5. WTF? She could have left a baby at any hospital, police station or fire house I believe.

  6. Interesting wiki. I wonder if it's more toxic than Love Canal. Not that the distinction is good in anyway.

  7. Snow removal is pretty good so a 4 wheel drive vehicle aren't a must. Have good tires though or invest in some snow tires. Some areas barely see any snow while some see quite a bit more. It really depends on where you live. If it gets too bad, stay home. That's what I do.

  8. Thank you! I am not sure if my work will be flexible with me not showing up on heavy snow days.

  9. It would be worth asking. Driving through lake effect snow isn't the most fun.

  10. I have 3 of these and no beaters :( lost in many moves. Love the Chrome.

  11. I had a 2844 and currently have a zp-450 and both printed with no issue.

  12. I use bubble mailers and have never had an issue. If the set or DVD is worth more, then I'll use a box.

  13. Call the ticket office and ask. It certainly can't hurt and they should know.

  14. Hello fellow Buffalonian. Too bad the glass door Billy bookcases aren't deeper.

  15. I've sold plenty of beauty products over the years. Ebay has far more users. Probably 10x more than Mercari.

  16. I lost power for a few minutes earlier but it's been good since then.

  17. Perhaps take that up with local area news outlets and/or organizations? I think quite a few people who donate(d) do not necessarily live in WNY nor Tre’s charity area. I remember when there were “wagers” with opposing teams and losing team donates to a charity of the local city. Perhaps you can start that up again.

  18. "There is a time and place for everything." This is a time and place and should be discussed. If the drive is to pay respect to a player, why not give locally in his name as well in his home state? We gave locally to Oishei in Josh's grandma's name, right?

  19. Yes that was Josh’s charity of choice from my understanding. Was there a charity in his hometown, Firebaugh, that was dually donated to? I may have missed that, apologies if I did.

  20. And that's fine its about Tre. However, I highly doubt if people donated in his name in 27 dollar increments to Feed More WNY, that he'd be insulted. I just think that we cnw support players charities and charities at home in their name.

  21. Did you use a cloth or brush to apply it? And how many layers did you do? I just got some of that same product to use to finish my butcher block I ordered from Lowes to build my desk.

  22. I used an old t-shirt to apply it. Scuffing it up with a gray 3m pad I think between coats. Any lint free cloth would work. I did 6 coats in the top and edges. 2 on the bottom.

  23. Are you pretty happy with how it turned out? Anything you would have done differently?

  24. Frame it and hang it on the outside of the door into the workshop as a permanent reminder to you/your kids ;)

  25. It's some website to receive funds. I had to make Payoneer account and link it to eBay before I could start listing on eBay.

  26. Are you not in the USA? Honestly asking since for ebay in the USA we use managed payments. I've never heard of Payoneer.

  27. Take days off. Seriously use your vacation days and use sick days for mental health days if you need them.

  28. If you're vaccinated, most places won't require a mask. However it might be wise to carry one with you just in case because some places do. There's no straight across the board answer.

  29. Fantastic work. That's really well done and I'm sure your brother will love it.

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