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  1. Made me cry at the end we need this shit back in school, used to watch this in my class along with bill nye

  2. When he said I was Unique and special just the way I was, I really needed to hear that today lol

  3. The aliens enjoy flashing us and get a good laugh.

  4. I hope they shave his head soon.

  5. You need both, Big Daddy Weyland and Miss Nightingale!

  6. Looks like borrowed Hillary Clinton pant suits to me!

  7. Murmo is a marshmallow though, you just have to be aware and attack with a plan..

  8. Ember is Cormac approved. Good choice for T-FALCON.

  9. Europeans looted the living fuck out of everyone and their mother and changed the trajectory of each non-European people they encountered in the worst ways for the longest. But, uh, sure. Whatever. Lmfao

  10. I wouldn’t eat that shit. I’m gay I’ve never spent a dollar at a Chick fil A. Management is part of the Christian Taliban.

  11. I am proud of you and salute you and tip my hat to you! 🫡👍👏☝️✊👊🇺🇸

  12. Why do you want Octavian? Isn’t Eyeball drone superior?

  13. You can't read... nor think. All you care is if a country is labeled as commie by US govt, then it is demonic. Grow up.

  14. That is worst than deny them needed medicine so babies died unnecessarily? Juvenile.

  15. Yes the RED COMMIE government does that. Damn shame. Show your support for North Korea next!

  16. I forget what it's called but it happens when a small ice crystal forms that causes the liquid around it to freeze in a kind of chain reaction.

  17. and thank god they captured it. who knows what this or any other creature in nature minding it’s own fucking business could have perpetrated had they not lasso’d this fucker in and hung it up for trophy points. good on them.

  18. We had to show the manta who’s boss!

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