1. The Earth still has a solid 4-5 billion years left. That's plenty of time to evolve into something that looks practically nothing like the original, especially considering life itself has only been on Earth for around 3.8 billion years

  2. And humans for like 1-200.000

  3. Because there are farmhouses within spitting distance of my closest bus stop that are older than 1776, and the road said bus stop is on has been there since the 900eds.

  4. Either they wait for help, or the evacuation plan includes them using the elevators, which is partially why they need to not be used by others

  5. Yes they exist elsewhere, but as everything else entitled or bigoted, you ppl are exceptionally skilled at it.

  6. A grand piano has a greater dynamic range, due to the large chamber and longer strings. A smaller baby grand may have comparable strings to some uprights. In either case, keys can be played much faster on grand than upright pianos because their hammers are moved by gravity, whereas uprights use a much slower spring.

  7. Additionally, in an upright the strings will/may cross eachother, leading to different resonances.

  8. Yeah. Exactly that. The tip lightly touches the top of the palate, just above the teeth.

  9. Fun fact, default retting position of the tounge is often different based on which language you speak.

  10. Bigger isn't the same as better

  11. No. You are still removing the build up of bacteria etc on your teeth that has happened since last you brushed

  12. Yes, it can, by optimising traffic for quick bursts of small packets, but nothing wireless beats a cable connection.

  13. Most kids respond to reasoning when there is mutual respect. It may take a little longer, but it works better.

  14. If you can't make them understand that they did something wrong without causing them pain you are inept both as a parent and a human being. Knowing that you did something wrong without knowing what you did wrong is useless.

  15. You are talking about the fuse in the extension cord? I don't have a single cord with a fuse in it. As long as the house fuse is 10A you are fine. If the bigger one fits at all.

  16. The atmosphere is in constant movement, and will not settle. This will keep happening as long as there is a sun

  17. Not in the same way. A women is born with all her eggs, while sperm is created continously and is always "fresh". However, newer research suggests that the mutation rate in sperm increases with the mans age.

  18. No. Also we smell different during different part of decomposition.

  19. In general. Losing weight makes everything thinner. Your fat deposits are genetic tho.

  20. This question is not as easy as it may seem. You may have to consult with a physicist.

  21. As for Sweden, the right wing parties call themselves "democratic" because they claim they are representing the real will of the people.

  22. Which wheels the engine is connected to. Rear while drive, engine drives the rear wheels. All wheel drive, engine drives all wheels.

  23. I am just surprised nothing gets caught in bending joints, like fabric caught in a hinge.

  24. There is stuff inbetween there already. You just don't feel it getting squished. If anything is out of place you'll feel it very well.

  25. Clothes lines outside in summer. Condensing dryer or clothes horse inside in winter, depending on what needs dying.

  26. Well. The color doesn't really matter. It is mainly to help you make sure that you don't connect positive in one car to negative in the other.

  27. Downvoting isn't about what is popular, good, or even factually correct. It is about whether people like the post or not.

  28. Yes, you can, but it is pretty uncommon.

  29. Democracy was a thing before "western countries" was a thing, so yes. Very much so.

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