1. I think you either need to commit to the stompy and drop the gates/initiative, or commit to the long game and add more control.

  2. It's not going to be the highlight of the deck but once you cast it it's an instant in the graveyard in a [[Tolarian Terror]] /[[Gurmag Angler]] deck.

  3. Maybe there's something to trying to rush out an [[Avenging Hunter]] and grabbing Initiative?

  4. [[Delver of Secrets]] is a good mix of fun and strong imo. It's powerful but has that luck-based element. If you paired it with some less-powerful but fun instants and sorceries as opposed to some of the super efficient choices that the top tier delver decks use I think you'll end up with a deck that has a sold core but doesn't feel super overwhelming.

  5. But why was it in the DMG wich came out BEFORE TotYP(as far as I know, correct me, if I’m wrong)

  6. Because they were in the original version of the module that came out in 1979.

  7. I'd actually argue Thorin himself is a valor bard. He basically charms Bilbo into coming along via song.

  8. White is hard, even if you know what you're doing.

  9. Shrek was the first movie to win Best Animated Feature

  10. I have that mini and it does not like staying upright. Did you glue the tail to the base?

  11. I think many teeth have been cut on the jumbo tube of monster toys from Amazon.

  12. Invest in a good wash, like Citadel's Agrax Earthshade or Army Painter's Strong Tone, and use that to add some shadows to everything.

  13. "Alright boss, I've got that new Tron reboot script ready!"

  14. Counterpoint: we should demand the title be as sweaty and awkward to say as possible.

  15. Random Superman thought: Considering the character existed for decades before the Donner movie, it's crazy how much the Williams theme feels like part of the character, and how weird every new Superman thing feels without it. I don't think any other comic book movie has come close to this.

  16. I think the closest thing would be the original spiderman cartoon theme.

  17. A discussion when everyone is making characters about what everyone is and is not comfortable with is a good idea. It can go along with a discussion of what story elements would be cool and stuff like that which can give you some ideas for what to include in the campaign.

  18. Give them all a stat block from the monster manual (or other monster books) that's roughly equal in CR and have them duke it out. That's quicker than reskinning a bunch of PCs and it lets players try out mash ups like "who would win in a fight between a red dragon and an aboleth?"

  19. Yeah, that's fine, I would just allow them to intervene if they come up with something they can do that you didn't think of. It's only railroading if you stop them when that happens.

  20. Traps provide a lot of atmosphere, they make characters who invested in being trap-disarmers feel useful, and are an easy way of having an encounter that potentially drains resources but doesn't require rolling for initiative. They become tedious if a DM uses them to "gotcha" the players, because then it turns into what you describe.

  21. I have not seen these movies. There is no way ‘Iago’ has three syllables.

  22. This is a problem that solves itself. If they don't need the healing they're fine. If they do need it a PC will die and have the opportunity to add some healing. In either case, that's on them as the players, it's not the DMs job to fix bad party tactics.

  23. It's not elitist to let players experience the consequences of their decisions. Yes, it's a game, and part of the game is failure.

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