[Real Madrid] Video responding to Laporta's words.

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  1. Honestly, would've done step 2 long ago man

  2. In an alternative universe, Kent Roy is the oldest Roy Sibling (after Connor) and Cousin Greg is his little plaything, please make this happen

  3. Can y'all please keep the episode discussion threads pinned, navigating around is a mess

  4. The actor that plays Dani Rojas posted a video promoting the last episode, it has clips of the entire season that we’ve already seen EXCEPT for a second that we see:

  5. I read that he may be an actor in Season two! Roy decides to play one season in the US because some team offers him an ungodly amount of money. He develops imposter syndrome and seeks therapy. Keeely joins him Stateside - Posh Spice to his Beckham. Of course Harrison Ford is his therapist and their sessions are mainly the two of them grunting at each other. 🤪

  6. I never knew I needed this before I read this, now where do I find this

  7. I know! I loved season 1, I was referring to this oddly specific scenario

  8. I'd love to see her and Mae interact as well pls

  9. I'm in the same track as you, and while I'm not the best person with scripts, I just wish some features, (i.e buttons that change statuses on dropdown lists, locked columns, etc) were native and didn't require a script

  10. Can you find some things at your workplace that needs her attention. Preferable away from you. There are alot of HR stuff you can tell her like HMS, and she has to look into it and maybe make new guidines. Then expose her work, it will probably be stupid. Make her do it again and again until she looses it.

  11. I'd love to, but the upper brass loves her, she gets away with everything and always manages to shift the blame on someone else, even if that means throwing other HR people under the bus

  12. When Rebecca was talking to Roy and knocking some sense to him, it felt like someone slapped me in the face because that's exactly what I needed to hear, and someone ik actually told the exact same thing to me a few months ago, damn

  13. I remember my brother being a massive fan of Lost when I was a kid and I always wanted to watch but never got the chance.

  14. I don't watch NXT much so felt like this is the right place to ask, when did Jordan Devlin become JD McDonough and why is Reginald a superhero now?

  15. I want severance season 2 at whatever cost, I can't wait anymore

  16. Why does this remind me of a certain person you can't see apologizing to the Chinese in Mandarin

  17. What's the runtime for the episode? Need to reschedule a bit to make time for it

  18. Hello, would you be willing to have a discussion? Can I dm/mail you if possible?

  19. So, I've been trying for a while now and I have to admit, I still get jealous and keep checking up on them which I shouldn't. But, today I had a very real dream about us hanging out and genuinely having a good time, in the past most of my dreams about them were pretty horrible, so is there a sign?

  20. Could you elaborate a bit on the first please? I don't think I quite understand

  21. "Night's Falling" by Andrew Bird has been a constant in my playlist ever since S3E2 dropped. Absolutely loving the music choices this season

  22. Is anyone offering free readings? Would be super helpful

  23. Could be a shrinking reference as well, D-mans gonna be a B-man

  24. I remember everyone wanted to see Dr Sharon teach Trent how to ride a bike

  25. Beyond this and weird arguments where Barca and Real fans want to fight each other for no apparent reason, can someone please enlighten me with some actual historical references? I've always been intrigued about the entire thing but never had the drive to read, so any help would be super nice

  26. Go with Stacker. You’ll need an admin pro Airtable account, and maybe a couple for management. Then you could set the 290$ plan for unlimited user logins. It’ll scale to like 100-200+ users easy at the same price. Softr would work as well. Slightly cheaper, supports up to 100 or so users.

  27. Yes buttons are clickable, and I'm trying to see if we could Integrate custom scripts to get the job done.

  28. There is a method of user permissions you can build into Airtable that would manage the view permissions correctly for you. Then it is just a matter of having the view only users one page with no editable field and those with editor privs go to another page that restricts any viewers and only allows those with the privs to view the records and this page can have editable fields.

  29. The issue with that is that I need to give edit access to 50+ people which is insanely expensive

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