1. What's a short thought or quote that changed your outlook drastically? Any routine or habit change your outlook?

  2. I just got my nose pierced and am just going to rely on my mask for clinicals

  3. me and some classmates had facial piercings the whole time through nursing school- they never saw cause of the masks!

  4. I wish this was posted earlier!! Ill try to come next time!

  5. 37 as a new grad here in Seattle area. New contract soon hopefully bumps it up to low to mid 40s since every other hospital received a new wage bump. Plus... Seattle is crazy fucking expensive.

  6. I'm a new grad in Seattle too- I start at $38/hr. I work in tele!

  7. I mean you can always try something like yarrow, goldenrod, lupin, or something else that can compete with nonnative grasses. Northwest Meadowscapes has an over seeding mix that could work in a space like that. The main thing is you need bare soil for any germination

  8. Yes! To get bare soil, is it possible to rip up established grass? Could I put a bag or two of new dirt down, then plant the native flowers in to replace them?

  9. Awww Tysm for answering. I got memorization question yeah…and I do better and the critical thinking ones. I just failed it on the 17th. Now I have to wait and wait…Good luck! Lmk how you did?

  10. If you fail, you failed. It isn't the end of the world. Nothing's gonna bite you. It means you have room for improvement! Plus, you took it all the way up to 145 which means you were really close to passing! Take some time to yourself, relax, and rest assured that your knowledge isn't going to disappear. It's easier to relearn than to learn something new, so take the time now to heal. It'll pay you back exponentially.

  11. The darkness outside us isn't even a witch book! It's an insanely good novel, my favorite book rn.

  12. I've biked on LCW a few times but it's usually because I'm only going a few blocks to my destination, so it's not worth getting into the adjacent Greenway

  13. You shouldn't be a nurse if you think people are dumb for continuing to try.

  14. I hit 146 & failed. Time to change my study strategy

  15. Your playing makes me want to dance!! Do you have a Spotify or something similar? I love listening to you play.

  16. Do you have a recommendation on eye cream? I've heard this a few times but always get stuck when I try to decide what to buy!

  17. I just use a heavy duty lotion like cerave unscented and put it under my eyes for a night, plus my neck, knees, elbows, etc. IMO moisturizer is moisturizer and I've never noticed a difference!

  18. You can download files from google drive and play them on your laptop?

  19. Basically when you see you get to see the list of results of specific test you can see the section "Average peer score"

  20. Not OG commenter but I think they mean the blue book from MK? If so, PM me!

  21. if they're native often times they need little to no help, I find. Native plants are the easiest to grow outdoors!

  22. Totally agree with u. When I ride public transit, I love people watching. But I don't find most people self absorbed, just nervous or mirror what others are doing around them. I imagine people used to read books or magazines to avoid making eye contact in public spaces / transit, and now it's just transitioned to the phone. Instead of being on my phone, being present is something I've really started to value

  23. Yessss thanks for the reminder! Filled up my to-do list for this weekend, I'm trying to refocus myself and care for parts I haven't had time or space to recently.

  24. Thanks for the explanation. Would definitely say NTA then. If everyone is on level footing, it may just be that it was more of a hit to their wallets than they expected for so many people all at once. Talking to them sincerely would probably go a long way, just a, “hey, what’s up, thank you for your hospitality, we had a great time! just wanted to make sure you guys are doing okay and everything is going good.” Hopefully that is enough to get them to bring up the subject - they’ve got to know it was taboo to ask guests to pay.

  25. Thank you for the advice, I will do that. I really appreciate the insight!

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