1. if its a loose neutral or ground - its likely in the light fixture or in the switch when either were installed. did you install a new light fixture or a new dimmer switch? if so, did you hire someone or diy? did the electricians you hired to check things out remove the switch and light and check for loose wires? (if not, i dont think they did their job very well).

  2. Would a loose neutral or ground affect multiple lights on different breakers (even when those breakers are turned off?). If I turn off every breaker but one, they flicker. If I turn every breaker off again and leave a different one, those lights flicker too.

  3. Not sure how many bulbs we’re talking about but it could just be bad bulbs. Also, new switches such as Lutron Diva LED dimmers could fix it. Try different bulbs first because of those bulbs flicker anywhere and other bulbs don’t it’s probably those bulbs. If it’s not bulbs it’s the switches or a wiring issue which would take some troubleshooting.

  4. About 12-15 bulbs. That’s exactly the dimmer switch I bought. I’m wondering if something in the wiring is only affecting a certain type of bulb. Maybe a frequency thing. Idk.

  5. Are you sure these bulbs are dimmable? How many watts are these bulbs? Could be that your switches minimum load is higher than the wattage of the bulbs or the maximum load is lower than the total watts yours pulling which will cause flickering for sure.

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