1. I personally can't live without saying please and thank you to anyone who does something for me, even if I'm paying them to do it.

  2. So true. You take out a loan and it’s expected to be repaid. My mortgage won’t be forgiven. I have to pay it back or I lose my home.

  3. I'd be ok with it if the fucken income cap wasn't well into the range of people who can clearly afford it. 250k? Give me a break.

  4. I think I would actually be ok with that number. That's at least within reason.

  5. So put the poor people in the middle of the woods next to a highway? How will they get anywhere without a car? Who's paying to run sewer, water, etc out there?

  6. Well, public transportation ct fastback.

  7. Wait.. you want housing with direct access to major highways?

  8. Yes why not, that exists already. I've lived literally less than 1 tenth of a mile to a highway entrance ramp.

  9. Not exactly close to new haven but if you like quartz visit the hidden valley preserve.

  10. Failing companies rebrand a lot too.

  11. Illianos yes. The owner there is the best, Vincenzo

  12. Blue screen of bulletin board death!

  13. The REAL ISSUE that nobody is talking about:

  14. Well the letter of acceptance just said Waterbury so I'm not sure how transferring works and if it's even possible freshman year.

  15. You will miss "Campus Life" most certainly.

  16. I love the starter pack sub and this is hilarious!

  17. lol, who watches the local news forecast? You can get weather 100 different ways online.

  18. We have coffee every morning in front of the TV with the local news so it's coincidental.

  19. Sounds like you have a wonderful husband!

  20. I have an unopened container of oxy pads they could have just had....

  21. As well as the person recording and posting it.

  22. I just Bing'd the probability of you making it, and it's not looking good for you.

  23. Bard way too close to Tard. Sundar marketing 🤡

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