1. Maxie looks like a ghost today it's okay to show some pimples if the alternative is looking like you've passed out awake.

  2. She looked so cute in her outfit and then her face foundation makeup was horrendous. Way lighter than even her neck. Why do they keep doing that to her?

  3. I'm not sure. She's been on the show so long I wish she would have input. Maybe the lighting there is different from what we see which is not good.

  4. Kind of off topic but wish they were putting all this effort into Austin instead. I miss Franco and Scotty.

  5. I remember when they were close I hope they can get back to that again. They are a force to be reckoned with.

  6. Spencer was a kid and thought Nik was dead. Ava was with Nik when he "died" the first time. Ava was in a fire and chose to get help from Valentine to restore her face and since that decision Spencer has never forgiven her.

  7. In my dream land it would be Austin and Britt. Austin because he would be fun to be around he has a good sense of humor and Britt because she's grown into a very mature adult and would be the kind of girl you could either go out clubbing with or stay in for a night of board games she's just a really fun character.

  8. Britt should be with Austin. They have actual chemistry. Maxie and Austin don't have a lot in common and that doesn't mean they couldn't work but after the Peter drama I don't want to see her anymore. We have all these weird creepy sex scenes with Esme and revenge porn but can't get a decent romance on this show.

  9. Roger Howarth ages like fine wine. He's looking so great lately. Now all he needs is a storyline.

  10. Yes! He's 😍 adorable please put him with Britt

  11. I was hoping they would pair him with Britt too :)

  12. Why? Obviously the writers think running a magazine doesn’t take work or time, hell may as well send her back to a Pennsylvania cowboy bar to run both!

  13. I love this comment. Does Maxie still work at Crimson? I can't recall since she's been all about Deception for at least a year.

  14. No, she quit. Lucy offered to bring her on board, and she wasn't getting the recognition she wanted at Crimson, so she resigned to go work for Deception.

  15. Based on my own experience- Wellbutrin is good for energy it will get you moving and out of a black hole. However it did increase my anxiety and I couldn't sleep. I found that the most stable meds for me to be on were Viibrid and Lithium. An antidepressant plus mood stabilizer. So if you want to try Wellbutrin first and see how you do for a couple weeks and maybe add an anxiety med or mood stabilizer to help with it only if you need. I just couldn't do the Wellbutrin anymore because I couldn't sleep but I will always go back to it for severe depression and fatigue. The drugs I'm on right now are maintaining very well. Just my opinion if any of this helps you. Give it a try!

  16. Thank you for telling me your experience! I suffer from insomnia so I might ask the doctor for something I can take in the evening before going to bed. I just read so much about those meds and I feel like they could help me with many of my problems

  17. Just don't overload yourself too quick. Going back to your first post getting help with sleep helps the fatigue. But depression/anxiety is something you can accomplish on your own time. Meds do help but don't give up if the one you are working with isn't the right one. That's the biggest thing with getting older for me is don't give up just give it some time.

  18. Does anyone else remember when if your favorite character didn't show up in the show within the first 5 minutes they weren't on for the day? Willow is far from my favorite but showing up 40 minutes into the show already 😆

  19. This whole storyline is bullshit there's no way Carly would give up her hotel without a fight. I can't watch this show anymore.

  20. I agree. And Carly with her back to the wall is the best kind of Carly. It allows her to show her strengths (and it allows LW to act a little, not just pull smug faces or yell at perceived enemies). I'm looking forward to seeing Carly struggle, only to work her way through her problems and I am HOPING that she won't once again get rescued by a man (Sonny or Drew). Let Carly stand on her own for a change!

  21. Yes this is the first time I have enjoyed watching Carly in years. Not a fan of Drew but I have enjoyed their scenes where she takes accountability for her actions.

  22. How is Willow just fine now after finding out she was pregnant? She fainted and looked like death warmed over but now everything is totally fine?

  23. I am a stay at home mom luckily we can afford it. I don't have social media. I only read celebrity news that is irrelevant. Like others have suggested exercising, home improvement, and arts and crafts keep me sane. I love my son but I fear for the future. He's 6 months now and growing too fast for me.

  24. Increased my dosage slowly over 2 months and it's finally starting to work. I also take it with viibrid now. No side effects other than nausea from the viibrid and peeing from the lithium. Try the lithium for at least a couple months if it's doing nothing for you because that's how long it took for it to help me.

  25. I love the one of Willow and Michael actually smiling for once.

  26. I love Goddess Maura, however, she isn’t smiling. It looks forced or like she has gas pain.

  27. It was a hard sigh for me too but the ending of the episode was nice.

  28. I really don't like it either. Looks like too many ideas and an unfinished product.

  29. I started watching in 2012. I used to watch Guiding Light and As the World Turns religiously so when those actors started popping up on this show I started to tune in when I can. I still watch daily but it's not a fun show like it used to be and I haven't been watching all that long. I really miss As the World Turns.

  30. 2018 and for the same reasons. I miss the actors from CBS soaps so I started watching GH. (I tried to watch DOOL after the time jump thing but couldn't catch on.) ATWT was phenomenal and I miss it too. I just deleted 8 episodes of GH, 9 Y&R, and 8 B&B off my DVR. The writing lately makes it a chore and not an escape.

  31. I was thinking that today while starting today's episode, I'm powering through it! I still watch old episodes of atwt when I have time I miss the old snyder farm and the hotel. They don't make sets like that anymore.

  32. I remember when soaps actually used to give a shit about finishing songs. What the actual fuck kind of cut scene and back to it was that?? This show sucks.

  33. I just don't understand. Maybe that's why they don't have a nurses ball anymore because they aren't capable of having a scene last for 5 minutes or they will explode.

  34. Thanks to Quailman slowing down the rotation of the Earth!

  35. I do agree with you that they know their end game result and don't care what they do to get there. I quit watching in December because I was having a baby of own and that storyline with Sasha was more than overkill. Yes it's a soap opera but holy shit. Nikolas has always been a slime ball but cheating on Ava is just nothing he would ever do so this storyline is completely unconvincing to me. They either go out of their way to redeem a character to the point they are destroyed (Ava being a cold blooded murderer to little house on the prairie) and Nikolas from being a sleuthing savvy businessman to just an idiot with no brain and point of no return.

  36. I am 33 F from Michigan, married with 5 month old. Message me if you would like.

  37. The writers had an idea when it was originally written, now they forgot what it was.

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