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  1. does anyone know if this would include double action revolvers?

  2. Bruce Lee makes the most sense since they probably already call it “Lee Elementary” anyway

  3. “you can ban guns but you can’t ban my balls!”

  4. best of both worlds, conceal the big iron

  5. so apparently as of right now this hasn’t passed, i apologize for posting this early

  6. 66% of votes counted, 50.7% / 49.3% For / Against.

  7. I think count dankula is pro gun but I'm not 100% sure

  8. i think he is, he went on a pka podcast (the one with fps russia) and they had a conversation about how strict and stupid the gun restrictions were in scotland

  9. im pretty sure “the urban rescue ranch” is pro gun

  10. people in the comments are getting blown up for saying things like “id rather this sub not get political”

  11. Just put a sticker on it that says “kid free zone.” that will definitely solve your problem

  12. the fury 4 is one of the best blasters just for carrying around in case of a nerf war, especially if you mod it

  13. The NRA, at least as far as I can tell, is just a bunch of Boomers who don't care if there are mag capacity bans or "assault weapons" bans. As long as they can hunt a deer with a bolt action, there's nothing wrong with the world.

  14. interesting, do you know of any pro gun groups to support that don’t make compromises?

  15. For major compromises, there's probably a bunch of smaller gun rights organisations dotted around for the county or state.

  16. who the fuck gave that the wholesome award

  17. It depends on what state he lives in. Since I remember it was drug related, there should be a pretty good chance he could get his rights reinstated. I could be wrong but I think often times the person has to have at least 5 years (or 10 depending on the state) clean record after they did time to be eligible for reinstatement of gun rights. With how slow the Courts go due to volume or whatever other reasons, it will likely be a VERY long process. I could be wrong but many states have a similar policy to what I mentioned. Also a good Lawyer (If one could afford thousands of dollars) I'm sure could could help and expedite the process.

  18. from what i’ve seen he’s willing to do damn near anything to get his rights back, even though he won’t be able to get his old guns back

  19. I hope he does! I can understand serious victim crimes like rape, murder, or felonious assault but marijuana???!!! I can't remember but did he have possession of illegal weapons charges as well? Even that shouldn't be a huge deal since as far as I know he didn't assault or murder anybody.

  20. Nope, all his weapons were legally obtained, they just wanted to take them away anyways. however they did try to claim he defaced a serial number because there was a tiny blob of paint you could have scratched off in one of the numbers, this claim was later dropped because they stated that they searched his house because he was wearing shorts.

  21. i’m team granny all the way, that guy sounds like a bad person and a bad father.

  22. Personally, if I could swing the extra money, I would go with the Old Model. I love my New Model Rugers, but there's something special about the traditional action.

  23. really? how much of a difference in size is there?

  24. On paper, it's not a lot -- I think the NM cylinders are maybe 50-60 thousandths fatter and about a tenth of an inch longer, with the cylinder frame enlarged to accomodate the differences -- but it's enough to be noticeable in-hand.

  25. interesting, do you know the weight difference?

  26. i don’t feel bad for people who shoot dogs or associate with people who shoot dogs

  27. Dale needed to die Originally Dale died were herchal died and herchal died were Dale died

  28. i know that but i think it would have been cool if he lived

  29. I’ve always thought the mace was stupid because he could so easily accidentally poke himself or someone else with it and it’s over for that limb or that person.

  30. Yes because that’s how it works. Bad taxes, economic issues, inequality, etc have always and likely will always be issues. Violence is almost never the answer to those types of problems, in fact it usually makes them significantly worse.

  31. what do you think the American revolution was?

  32. no it’s literally not, taxes lead to protests, protests let to fights, fights lead to war. it’s why the 2nd amendment was written.

  33. actually i’m pretty sure that’s a shirt

  34. To get into that boys hole, you've got to pay the troll toll to get in

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