1. One of my owner’s goals the past few years has been to acquire a power hitter even though I have plenty of them and lead the league in HRs just about every year.

  2. I lead the league in HRs pretty much every year and my owner is still griping about me acquiring a power hitter. 🤷‍♂️

  3. 2022 was delayed because of the lockout/CBA issues. Possible that the OOTP schedule that they imported had the season start late but forgot to add back in the “makeup games” from real life?

  4. Yeah, possible. I noticed I had no inter league games played during the season, though.

  5. I’ve seen that happen with home runs before. Or sometimes they’ll run cartoonishly fast toward the wall. Which version is this?

  6. Never got into this, but my understanding is that it’s bringing in the bucks, so good for them after so many years of struggling to break out.

  7. I guess folks in this subReddit are a little uptight. 😀

  8. A friend who lives in MA went to one the other day. Looks like it was a good time, from the pictures he posted.

  9. Yeah, I agree with all of that. I can see a future where people wear AR glasses that help them with daily tasks (reminders, notifications, identifying people and things, etc.) and have a headset at home and/or work for full-blown VR stuff.

  10. All good points. I’m glad I posted here — there were a lot of thoughtful comments, which I appreciate.

  11. You need to add a “complete feeder system” with high school, college and juco. Google it for ootp and you’ll see where in the options that’s located.

  12. Hmmmm … So, I guess I can’t add feeder leagues after the game has already been set up. I don’t see that option anywhere, but LMK if I’m missing it. Thanks.

  13. If you did challenge mode I believe it’s true that you cannot add that.

  14. I figured out what to do: I created a new batch of young amateur players who are draft-eligible. Guess I have to just do that every year.

  15. Reminds me a little of the story with Liam Neeson in the Buster Scruggs anthology film.

  16. I believe they use excess wind/solar energy to heat it electrically (no idea on the actual process of heating the sand) and then when those sources are no longer in excess the heat stored can then be used to reduce the need on fossil fuels on the local buildings.

  17. Wait until Exxon Mobil hears about this!

  18. Born in the 70s. You can really see the shift pre-war versus post-war. Realizing that as modern as I am, working in tech and probably the most tech-capable person in my family, I am still a product of the post-war lifestyle.

  19. Born in 1970 and work in tech too. My parents were both born in 1941, so that tracks for me.

  20. Last night I lost the World Series game 7 in the 16th inning on a walk off dropped third strike. I had 9 hits the other team had 2

  21. I’ve never had one happen live, but I’ve been simming through seasons a week at a time and every so often I check the notable events screen, or whatever it’s called. I’ve had several no-hitters, along with a perfect game tossed by one of my pitchers.

  22. Make him your closer. Wild Thing Part 2.

  23. To reset the LR4 after emptying the drawer, you need to press (not hold) the reset button. If you have a cat detect or error to clear (such as when you topped up litter), you'll need to press it twice. If you see the LED panel flash white briefly after you press reset, you're good to go.

  24. Many thanks for the info. I’ll check it out.

  25. I always love the “unhappy with his role” reason. Sorry, did you not want to be the ace of my staff?

  26. I had a guy who sent me many messages during the season about how unhappy he was to be riding the bench. He hit free agency afterward and I had no problem signing him again. Seems like it shouldn’t have been that easy if he was unhappy with how I was using him. (And, yes, I used him the same way the following season.)

  27. Played it quite a bit. Forget which version.

  28. Yes, for longer than a month injury, you want to put them in rehab.

  29. What if a long-term injury happens at the end of the season or during the playoffs? Should I assume the player will be back to their old self by the time spring training rolls around next year?

  30. Wow. Thanks for sharing all of that. It’s quite a story. I have a friend who lived in Concord and went to YV, but that was about a decade before you were there.

  31. I worked at Wired when they spun off HotWired and we started the world first commercial web site. The place was full of people with oddly colored punk hair and we had late night races, sometimes in the office. All sorts of interesting and famous people would come by the office to check us out. Bill Gates tried to cut in front me in line to talk to the receptionist but I didn’t let him. In my defense I just thought he was a guy who looked remarkably like Bill Gates. We ran a story about The Well on the cover of Wired and it got much more popular.

  32. Do you have links to any info about The Well?

  33. Update: 2017 was a subpar season: won 87 games and finished a distant second behind the Mets. Snuck into the 2nd wild card slot, though, and beat the 101-win Giants in the WC playoff! Sure, I’ll probably lose the DS, but it was a fun ride to even get into the playoffs with so many players underperforming.

  34. Links to photos, videos, blog posts, etc. are greatly appreciated.

  35. In case anyone hasn't seen, this dude simmed full Mike Trout's career from 2017 (to 2049!) in the Pecos League and it's GLORIOUS:

  36. That’s wild. That’s the kind of stuff I enjoyed promoting when I did OOTP’s PR and marketing for a few years.

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