1. The first thing that comes to my mind is Gabriel Fauré's late piano music, written when he had gone deaf. It's weird and strange, but still tonal in its own way. One of my favorites is the

  2. To drink tea in a small wooden house by a remote lake in the forests of Finland

  3. Mine means "I want to learn" in ancient Greek. I like finding out about things

  4. ethel or margaret. tho the thought of someone w a minnesota nice accent bellowing "OH MARGIE! OH YAH!" does make me giggle a little.

  5. Apparently, the name "Ethel" peaked in popularity in the US in 1896, but has almost entirely disappeared in the past century. When I hear the name, I think of 1920's and 1930's movie stars with sultry voices

  6. Parasocial relationships are especially insidious because they're with people who don't know you, and yet you feel like you know them because of how much you consume their content.

  7. There's actually a whole numbered series of K mountains, all part of the

  8. I have an inescapable compulsion to waste my time trying to please everyone, even though this is strictly impossible

  9. well, people are so fussy, that we often tend to people-please.

  10. I wonder whether characterizing it as a "backup plan" is a bit of an overcomplication. In your scenario, reason B could very well have been a significant annoyance from the start, but for whatever reason it wasn't as significant as reason A when it still existed.

  11. I indulged my compulsion to attempt to please everyone, even though this is strictly impossible

  12. I believe there are free karma subreddits. (it is also a very real possibility that i am just going crazy)

  13. You're correct, but posting there will sometimes get you banned from other subs. It's not a good idea, in my opinion. Instead, just lurk around whatever subs interest you, observe what people like to talk about, and then post or comment things that they want to hear.

  14. Mine is ancient Greek for "I want to learn." I like finding out about things

  15. There could be several factors, but the most important is probably due to a lack of melodies that a general populace would find memorable. From a standpoint of people who listen to classical music, it's more known, and to pianists past a certain level of course we've heard of it. But from a broad perspective, 2 and 3 are far more accessible and mainstream and are far more definitive of Rachmaninoffs style. No. 1 is incredible, I love every moment of it, but as far as programming and recording people would rather have the following two.

  16. Humanity is too tenacious to die out completely, if that's what you're asking. It's probably going to be a miserable ten thousand years, though.

  17. Mine is ancient Greek for "I want to learn." I like finding out about stuff

  18. In a small wooden house by a remote lake in the forests of Finland, drinking tea

  19. Observe the weird lifeforms, gather data, and hopefully find a way back to the present to present my findings to science. This actually sounds awesome

  20. Certain music when I'm in a certain mood. I indulge myself every several weeks

  21. Your impressions are shared by many others here and in amongst classical music listeners in general, myself included. Tchaikovsky certainly had a workable sense of musical form, but I find that it's far more cohesive in other music he wrote, like his Sixth Symphony or some of his piano miniatures, like the Seasons. The First Piano Concerto really feels to my mind like a messy trial run for the big piano concertos of the late Russian Romantic, before there was much of an understanding of what they could be (Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, or Medtner come to mind). Until then, lighter concertos written on older pianos were still the stylistic norm, such as those by Grieg or Saint-Saëns.

  22. I suppose a lot of it requires familiarity not only with the musical style of the period but also the composer's idiom itself. I find that if I'm already familiar with the piano sonatas of a certain composer, for example, it's not difficult for me to figure out the formal structure of another one of their pieces for different instruments, such as a violin sonata or a string quartet.

  23. Try to get them to laugh by making an absolute fool of yourself in front of them.

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