‘It’s over’: Twitter France’s head quits amid layoffs

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  1. What am I looking at exactly? Price per square meter, feet? Or the price *1000? I'm assuming the TSD gives it away but I don't know what it stands for and according to Google it's Temperature Sex Determination which doesn't fit within the context.

  2. Lol you’re blaming them for buying coffee being the reason they can’t afford a house. How can you sit there living in Germany acting like you know what the average american’s financial situation is like? You don’t even know the basic facts about the housing market here.

  3. The hard part of making a phone is the app eco system. The only valuable phone buying demographics are on ios. Even if they used Android, there'd be no money because 80% of smart phone profits are on Apple.

  4. Android has a massive app eco system, and any manufacturer can use Android as the OS for their phone. Additionally, Google (the creator of Android) is an early investor in SpaceX, so a partnership can be made between them.

  5. I thought the implication was that he would build a phone on a platform separate from Apple or Google. That'd requiring having his own App Store and convincing companies to make apps for him.

  6. As I understand, Google is much less totalitarian regarding the content of the apps, in comparison with Apple.

  7. Plenty of libertarians I know don’t agree with that statement.

  8. It's quite simple honestly - US politics is quite influential and americans can't help themselves but turn everything into a two sided issue, currently the standing is gays = left and libertarians = right, so they must hate each other.

  9. This is already cringe but talking about elon musk as an "african american" is double cringe.

  10. Personally, I think I would do a pretty good job at running twitter.

  11. That's a shitload of assumptions, you don't even know the guy to begin with.

  12. You do realize that you always have the choice of not buying luxury stuff? Yet most commies see no hypocrisy in criticizing capitalism while ENJOYING every bit of it.

  13. I haven't said anything about going naked. I've reminded of the typical behavior of many commies: they love luxury stuff. Like buying the newest iPhone every year.

  14. Libertarians finally came out as just another name for republicans I see.

  15. The OP here. Check the picture again. It literally says that the R party is as shitty as the D party (which is true).

  16. Not upset, but wrong sub? Libertarians are pro personal freedoms like legal weed and the ability to call yourself whatever you want.

  17. A great improvement would be presenting the information in neutral way. This screams fanboy.

  18. The only people who can afford children are middle class and above. Classist.

  19. There are no such thing as social classes, and the inventor of the idea (Marx) has proven to be wrong on almost everything. Thus, your comment has not much value.

  20. Would that mean my son becomes a completely different person, or simply ceases to exist? Either way, definitely not.

  21. Even if you're aiming for the least amount of error, it still shouldn't end up like this.

  22. Where’s the line for guns? No 1 killer of children and adolescents is gun deaths.

  23. Mostly in the "homicide" category, I would guess. Also worth noting that "adolescents" includes 17-19 years old, and a large portion of criminal gangs consist of them.

  24. Top cause has switched from vehicles to firearms in the last year. Misleading

  25. Nope. Judging by similar comments, you're talking about the research that has a different age group (up to 19 years old).

  26. Armchair pundits that think they know more than political science experts, health officials and other career professionals are dangerous and need to be stopped.

  27. You're assuming that an official title is an indicator of how good is the person at making important assessments. The assumption is often reasonable. But it is often not the case for health officials and political science experts (whose wages don't depend on the quality of their judgements).

  28. Yes, I am assuming that industry professionals who spend a lifetime better understanding their career and field, who face rigorous checks and qualifications, who coordinate with other peers in the field are better suited to speak on their respective subjects and people that derive their own opinions by watching YouTube videos are a joke.

  29. Really depends on the field and the particular case. For example, compare:

  30. If you bought a motorcycle instead of a car, or only used public transport instead of buying a car the same could be said about you

  31. Motorcycle is way to deadly to drive. But I agree, public transport is a decent option for many people, especially in Europe.

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