1. My Leica progression was M6, M3, M240, M10, M-A, MP, and most recently an M7. To me the M7 fits best into the shooting style with other digital Leicas. Not only because of the auto exposure, but mainly because of the shutter speed dial. It has the big dial which can be easily changed with the index finger while the camera is to your face (just like a digital M). AND, more importantly, the dial turns in the same direction as digital M's. As opposed to all other film M's (besides M6 TTL), which turn the opposite way. Which drives me crazy. Also, don't forget the M7 is made of brass also! :)

  2. Wow this is cool, you’ve almost tried them all! I can definitely see the M7 being a great fit alongside digital M. Having aperture priority also speeds it up a bit when you want to focus on shooting without having to take the camera way from your face to adjust dials. The longevity of M7 (parts/electronics) would be my only concern. I guess you can’t really have it all.

  3. For sure... I love the MP, but the shutter speed dial confuses when I am trying to adjust exposure quickly. Because I used digital M's so much, my brain is conditioned to turn the dial in the direction of the little exposure arrows that you see in the viewfinder. > o < With digital M's (and the M7), you rotate the dial in the direction of the arrows depending on whether it's over or under exposed. But on the film M's, the shutter speed dial rotates in the opposite direction... years of muscle memory have trained me to rotate with the arrows, so when I use my MP my brain hurts. lol...First world problems.

  4. Same. Always had a good experience. One thing to note however, is return shipping costs could be high in the case that you change your mind and want a refund. If there is a problem with the item, then usually they will be happy to cover return shipping costs.

  5. How do you like the image quality wide open compared to the Lux ASPH? And what body do you use it on?

  6. I can definitely tell the Summilux Asph has a higher image quality than the Summicron wide open. However I just liked the look of the images the Summicron better... so definitely personal preference. I used them mostly on an M240, M10, and M-A. I have the 35 Asph FLE as well, and I think the 50 Summilux is more similar to that than the Cron... so if you are thinking about having a consistent look across your images, then maybe one of the more modern 50s is a better choice.

  7. Yeah I’ve been strongly considering the 50mm Nokton F1. Wide open I’ve seen some shots that remind me of the Pentax 6x7, just really striking shots. I normally buy new lenses for warranty purposes but am considering getting a used one of those. My hesitation with the Voigtlander 50 APO Lanthar is that it might be too harsh for portraits.

  8. Any reason not to consider the voigtlander 50 1.2 asph?

  9. rev to 7000rpm in the third gear and shift it to the second gear, it will break your bank 💸

  10. Lol omg why would anyone do that. On accident? 🥺😭😫

  11. I don’t use clear filters on any of my lenses. But almost always use a hood. If I had a noctilux, I’d only put an ND filter on it when necessary.

  12. NFTs are a great way for creators and artists to cut out the middle men and a bunch of children cried foul because they don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

  13. I’m a big PB fan, and have read the series multiple times (and have referred many friends to check out his books).

  14. Interested in the folio & tool pocket. PM me when you get a chance

  15. I have an arkiv folio and tool pocket in black camo if you are interested. Both in new condition.

  16. My ultron ii did have a very faint bump when i hit 0.7m. Well maybe not exactly a bump but i could feel a slight drag at that point.

  17. $4.5K can get you an M10. Here are a couple that have just recently sold on Fred Miranda for that price or close to it.

  18. I was on the waitlist at the Leica Store Boston when each was announced. I got the 35APO in December and the M11 a couple of weeks back.

  19. The kevlar on my M10P isn't as old as the camera itself because I dropped it on the cement and shattered the back screen - so they replaced the kevlar too - but it gets a LOT lighter. Turns greenish/grey

  20. Was gonna ask you how that M10 brassed so quickly! I guess dropping out on cement will accelerate that!

  21. How’s the focus ring stiffness? I had one for a few months then sold it cause the focusing was so damn stiff and made it slow to focus. Compared to my 28 summicron which is super smooth and fast.

  22. A little stiff yes, but similar to other brand new Leica lenses i have used. I had a 35 lux that was stiff. It loosened up after about 6 months. I expect this will too. It doesn’t bother me.

  23. Thanks for the interest, here is a pic. I can take more when I get home if you are interested.

  24. Hey thanks for the interest! Here’s a link to pic. I can take more later if you are interested. There are a few scuffs on the arkiv side pockets, but other than that everything is in great condition. The camo tool pocket was never even used.

  25. Thanks everyone, I've decided on the Transit Duffle for my use case. Would love to have the tote, but would probably get it later in the year.

  26. I have a transit duffel with roll top if you think that might be a good option. It's called the Helmsman, and MW does not make it anymore. I have two of them for sale if interested!

  27. WTS: Helmsman Duffel - this is similar to the transit 31 duffel, but with roll top config. MW no longer makes this bag.

  28. Hello! Link is not working for me, can you maybe send it to me on mail somehow? Would love to see it!!

  29. Get your site updated to use HTTPS only, please

  30. Thanks for the analysis! I’ve been following tankers for about a month now. There is a VLCC Fixtures app in the Apple app store. You can do a search on DHT and see the rates of all their fixtures going back to March. I put screenshot below.

  31. Just curious, is there a reason why people put a bullet through the trigger guard for photos? I’ve seen this in a lot of handgun pics.

  32. I think it’s mostly done to prop up the pistol for a better photo. And it looks cool too.

  33. I understand what you're saying, but without going into too much detail about our financial situation, 200 is a pretty big deal. Not to mention airbnb costs as well.

  34. FWIW, The $200 is a sunk cost. Meaning you have already incurred it / committed to it. It may be a big amount for your current financial situation, but consider it already spent. It wont impact you at this point regardless of whether you go or not.

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