Rapper 6ix9ine jumped in bathroom at LA FITNESS

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A sense of impending doom

  1. When payments resumed, I was considering sofi to refinance. They can fuck off now. I hope they go bankrupt

  2. As opposed to a used car salesman? lol sounds like you’re a 14 year old who hasn’t bought a car before

  3. Exactly. I’d rather have the ability to exchange a car instead of dealing with fkin car salesman

  4. Post this on fb and all the Airbnb shill hosts will come out of nowhere calling you cheap

  5. Why don’t they ever discuss rich white conservatives ripping people off and stealing their life savings?

  6. If you mention this on fb, all the shill hosts come out of nowhere to shame you for being cheap

  7. This is not New York City vicinity. This area of the state of New York is closer to Alabama or Mississippi in terms of mindset

  8. Yeah, and then the Sioux drove them off the land they inhabited for 300 years and claimed it was sacred to them after living there for barely 50 years.

  9. Not saying u can’t grow new muscle, but essentially tripling a muscle in size takes a really long time.

  10. No I know, fully agreeing with you here. Her second pic would have taken over a year to accomplish even if that’s all she did all day.

  11. Here we go again basing the way we live our lives off of fairytale books and stories

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