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  1. Yeah, people really like to tout boneworks as the second coming of VR christ but man I do not get it. The game really does feel like a showcase of what you can do with the engine thinly veiled as a full game.

  2. Imo the story dealt with this well, turning the tech demo style of the game into a story element, that’s the magic of the game. It worked its limitations into a VR Half-Like story. For me it was brilliant.

  3. Sorry for the acktwally… but this is fundamentally untrue. Most polling, and especially political polling, isn’t a simple proposition where you take 1000 people and report how many of them think one way or the other. Polls include questions about who a person is… gender, race, party affiliation, education, etc, and then adjust the results to match a model of the populace that the pollster developed. If they undersampled women, the model is supposed to make up for that. The biggest challenge for any pollster is developing an accurate model that will appropriately address these things.

  4. Yeah as a survey methods person reading peoples responses here has been very frustrating. Totally ignorant of what actually goes on for serious polling, like sampling and using response propensity models for weighting.

  5. It really is. Headlines should read “according to a survey of people willing to take surveys…”

  6. Serious large polls have methods of estimating non-response bias and correcting for it or including it in error estimates for results, so it depends on how the data and data collection are handled

  7. I love Crysis 2 but Crysis is my favorite game period

  8. No. We have been clowning on him about this a while and he understands it’s a problem

  9. How is it a problem? It’s a boss move. He’s lucky other people don’t have the stones to do it to and ruin his thing. Cheese, even cheap cheese, is one of the most nutritious and tasty foods out there. Literally zero downside.

  10. It’s helped my bipolar I when I was on it and many of the benefits last when I go off the diet, but I’ve only had one bad episode in my life and haven’t had large swings in a while. I was doing keto and some carnivore when recovering from that episode (a period of several years) and felt best on carnivore. I think doing those diets did significantly contribute to healing some issues underlying my symptoms. I haven’t been on any serious meds after that initial period of healing except for occasional times where I feel too restless to sleep.

  11. This paper only applies to alfalfa, canola, cotton, maize, and soybean.

  12. It obviously doesn’t only apply to those, assuming you’re talking about the report, and the fact that you don’t know that those are indeed the main sources of GM crops and that is why they make up most the numbers is why I said what I said. You have also provided zero counter evidence to my claims. If you look up more recent numbers, you see that GM crops are now more around 190 million hectares globally, not the biggest change, with similar percentages for types as 2014 as things have mostly stabilized in that regard since, with the primary changes coming from the growth of stacked trait GMOs that do include herbicide resistance as a trait.

  13. The evidence is in the report, how do you not even know rice isn’t a major source for GM crops? In the US there are no varieties of GM rice approved for consumers. See what I mean? And obviously you didn’t read the report if you think those are the only ones in it, yes. Those are simply where most of the GM crop come from and so are presented by themselves in the tables and are the main ones discussed. How about you actually read the report instead of trying to find cheap holes that aren’t even holes? Here is a list of major GM foods from the FDA:

  14. Unusual Whales was one of the first and this is them bringing it to market, also Pelosi reports trades much faster than required although your point generally stands

  15. So the guy behind Unusual Whales is the guy or guys who created these ETFs?

  16. Yeah with the help of another org, the title of the post says explicitly it is from Unusual Whales

  17. The US absolutely waged genocidal war against some groups in the Philippines, there were orders to kill all men “of fighting age” ie over 10 years old in parts that resisted, and the style of warfare was absolutely brutal and involved many of truly heinous policies and military actions.

  18. I almost always play on delta difficulty, so off. I also mainly play tactical shooters when I play mp games, so I’m good at playing without a crosshair regardless.

  19. Yeah, but enough weapons and the soviets went home without making the cold war hot.

  20. The Cold War was hot almost the entire time if you really think about it, just in a way designed to minimize the chances of nuclear warfare, and the US funded the mujahideen knowing they were using that support to do things like kill teachers in large numbers for teaching girls. If the US didn’t get involved at all Afghanistan would be far better off. The USSR only went in after they realized the CIA was organizing and funding feudal war lord armies of brainwashed salafists and other radicals, often not even Afghans doing the fighting, and had gotten a request from the Afghan government to help defend themselves.

  21. I loved the game but man, that shotgun was so frustrating. Never should it take three point blank shots to down an imp. I got to the point where I just started to become pro with the rocket lawn chair and the grenades to make up for it.

  22. If you’re good at using it imps go down in one point blank shot nearly 100% of the time, you line it up so that they’re closer to the barrel than the crosshairs since you’re so up close. If you’re truly point blank (which is essentially with no or very little distance between) they’ll go down immediately. The shotgun does rocket launcher damage on each shot if you know how to connect the shots properly.

  23. It's a good game with an awful shotgun

  24. The shotgun does a ton of damage and rewards riskier styles of play generously, I wouldn’t like Doom 3 nearly as much if I didn’t spend most my time getting right into enemies’ grills to destroy them with that gun. I understand why people using it like a more regular shotgun would get frustrated but if you’ve gotten the hang of it it’s great fun to use imo.

  25. Not recognizing when someone is using math in a metaphorical or not strictly literal way is it’s own problem with understanding math. What he said is imo meant to illustrate a change in perspective from the more transactional relationship 50/50 could imply to each person doing their most.

  26. The remasters for these two are more just straightforward upgrades, although I haven’t played all the way through 3 yet. 2’s remaster was very well done though.

  27. That looks sick, very cool translation of it and manages to look like a classic tattoo design

  28. The ones in the post, the recent trade on an Nvidia was made right before the semiconductor bill was being brought to a vote, something Nancy Pelosi has a direct role in. I remember the news cycle on it, Unusual Whales announced that the Pelosis made a big trade on Nvidia and there were rumors on what for, and then over the next week or two it came to light that they were bringing the semiconductor bill to a vote and it would likely pass easily. This is how these trades brought up in the op play out and why they’re suspicious. It was not public knowledge at the time of the trade that this was going to happen.

  29. Ok but it was still when the chips act was public info, just before the vote. It’s a popular bipartisan bill and buying leaps in nvidia is not really something requiring insider info

  30. You have to understand that Nancy has a major role in when things come to a vote to understand why the timing is an issue. People in the public were not aware at the time the trades were made that the semiconductor bill would be up for a vote at the time it was. They knew it existed and was being discussed, Nancy ultimately decides when bills are ready for vote and has deep insider information in the progress of bills to reaching that point.

  31. You have to understand that the brain works, for Freud and in actuality as learned from neuroscience research, through making associations and connections, and that at a young age children lack the experience and development to make accurate ones. The way the brain develops also means the more sexually directive elements in the brain are both amorphous and repressed when uncomfortable for younger folk. Someone else mentioned the influence of Darwin on Freud, which is important to understand. Darwin made it clear that sexual experience was a primary driver in biology as it provides its very basis for most animal life including humans, meaning that it is of necessity a primary driver of human activity as a logical conclusion. All of this means that sexuality is a primary driver in a system of associations that develops over the lifespan, and is bound to be a driver of all kinds of behavior behind the scenes even if it’s just because most of the brain is at some point used in directly sexual ways and those same mechanisms are used for all sorts of other things as well.

  32. Doom 3 is not a bad game, it’s just more of a horror game than a doom game imo

  33. Doom 3 is great as both an action horror game and as a Doom game. It becomes gradually more of a straightforward action game the further you get into it too. By the end it’s as action packed as any Doom game, not to mention the expansion.

  34. I think using annatto and other coloring agents for cheddar and other cheeses has been a thing for a long long time. Carotene varies significantly across the year as well regardless of grass quality, so cheesemakers have been coloring the cheese to make it look like prime time cheese.

  35. Preserving slavery was a compromise to get everyone on board, not a goal.

  36. Even if it was a compromise, it obviously became a goal as a result of the compromise. I don't see how you can argue as if liberal ideals were thought to extend to slaves and native Americans to the leaders of that era because they made it abundantly clear in their regular communications to each other that they didn't see either as human, and most sought to preserve slavery of the former and genocide of the latter. Individuals differed in the extent of brutality they thought was appropriate in either case, but the vast majority agreed on both or at least one as is evident in their own writings.

  37. I doubt that. Got an example of a pro slavery founding father of significance?

  38. Most of them had slaves - 41 of 56 of the signers of the declaration of independence. Only a few were publicly anti-slavery, and while they get publicized as anti-slavery founding fathers and therefore may seem to be more "of significance" now as their bad opinions and actions are easier to hide, most had slaves and most of those were unrepentant. Some were (at least publicly) repentant slave holders, like Washington and Jefferson, but typically they would be among those who wrote about Native Americans in genocidal language (also the popular position of the founding fathers) and of course profited from slavery anyway.

  39. So How dose it really work in your head sir. The way it worked out for me was I payed someone with cash for some Ethereum. It sat in a digital wallet for some time then I put it out into the open market and someones paid me alot more cash and now they are hopping to repeat the process.

  40. That’s literally doing any kind of trading, no one trades hoping to lose money, trading isn’t a Ponzi scheme. Ponzi has basically just become an empty expletive when it comes to crypto and this is a perfect example.

  41. The regulators are acting politically this is disgusting and should be disgusting to any freedom loving American out there! This hurts the people who have their money there, and the job of regulators is that to guarantee your money is safe in the bank not to block your money because of some commie PR politicians whim!

  42. He didn’t follow the regulations, he didn’t have the collateral for the deal he was making and made the mistaken assumption that it wasn’t needed because the other party had it, he assumed wrong instead of doing the deal professionally and got got

  43. TBH, i dont think anyone has heard of nor used Tezos. They're f'ed. The only time ive even seem them is on a F1 car and me thinking "wtf is that logo and what does it do?" i know and still dont care.

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