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  1. Currently? Hawkeye…3 cage hits off the tee in 3 weeks of owning it

  2. Is that a new mold or just a new drop of an existing one?

  3. If people didn’t want to hear my music, how come I make them listen to it anyway? Seems like a ‘them’ problem more than a ‘me’ problem

  4. It’s hard to tell with text. I was about to go in on you because I got GMK samurai and they have spots where the LEDs shine through and it looks ugly

  5. That’s why I was so extra. I stopped coming here half because people defended their trash and the other half because I found no numpad love

  6. I got it instantly. People are really dumb on the internet when they see a negative number

  7. Would you kindly tell me how I’m supposed to feel if there isn’t a number next to every comment before I even read it?

  8. All the big spin wheel games for the most part! My son and I like to play the shooter games for sure tho, but those don’t win anything sadly!

  9. Sure don’t. I had some luck with a wheel of fortune but it timed out before I could solve the puzzle. You’re a good parent

  10. Thanks! Sometimes we have to choose between electricity or a new disc drop, but I’m trying to my best!

  11. Electricity comes and goes, discs last until you lose them

  12. You’re one of my favorite posters on here and this is another sick dye job.

  13. Sorry it's either publix brand or boars head if im ballin. Dont trust nothing that so proudly is an outlier.

  14. A $750 bet on his team on a week when he wasn’t playing landed Calvin Ridley a 17 game suspension. Mulugheta, Watson, Avery can all F** right off

  15. Tbf Ridley’s suspension can be seen as reasonable and watson’s as unreasonable, they aren’t mutually exclusive

  16. Those old orbitals were going for like $60 used on ebay last year (until they released the new batch).

  17. Shut your mouth, fr? How would I tell or has the new batch saturated the market

  18. This is actually the 2nd pyro/special edition I’ve found in this bin - first time I had no clue what it was but reviews on it were good so I grabbed it. This time my eyes kind of popped out of my head when I saw it

  19. Would look to sell as a lot over breaking up but would consider selling partial if interested - trying to have shipping work out for both parties. Prefer paypal but would also take venmo (buyer pays g&s if desired)

  20. Polecat goes exactly where it’s supposed to

  21. You know why they don’t call it a quarter pounder with cheese?

  22. How close are you to the entire bag being gyros? They sound delicious for lunch as well

  23. Maybe like 40% of my bag. It's mostly Innova still and the occasional other brand for whatever I need. But now that you mention it, I might need a delicious gyro for lunch, extra feta.

  24. Ah, never really felt that myself, but I do get where you're coming from. Do like her many pronunciations of Mjölnir

  25. Tbh I don’t remember much of anything from the first Thor movies and I’m basing my dislike of her directly from wandavision. I still stand by my opinion though

  26. Obviously a shark. I stg the general iq here is dropping more than my bbby bag

  27. One piece of advice I’ve seen and try to follow is - at a certain point, your form kind of goes out the window. I’ve found that if I’m only throwing 4-5 putters compared to 8-10, I pay a lot more attention to those throws since I have fewer. After a while you’re throwing just to get them there so you can pick them all up again (my experience anyway)

  28. You ever feel like one of your social circles is crossing over into another one?

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