1. In a game where a single shot you wont even hear can cost you all the time and loot you've put into one character and then leave you lost in the middle of nowhere on respawn, its almost a requirement to be paranoid.

  2. Pretty sure Guardians are a trap, line opened at Guardians-160, public money on Cleveland. Line is now -130.

  3. Hope it doesn't backfire lol, just something that caught my attention and figured it might be a trap

  4. Im guessing its only $150 per month for your "special algorithm" and elite level of insight that us simpletons just don't have. 🀑

  5. If this was official I’d be shitting my pants

  6. A 10U anything will get you out of the hobby really quick

  7. Grabs Popcorn and waits for comments to put him to shame

  8. This feels like it's out of an Indie Movie! Great Photo!

  9. Dumb but relevant question, what kind of car am I going to be stimulated driving? A fierrai?

  10. Well assuming your talking about the traction control, my Mazda 3 has a button to turn it on and off

  11. Hey man I JUST upped my unit size for $5-$12.50 after 8 months...people who unit shame probably aren't even betting the games

  12. I have money on Knicks winning outright, they need it more

  13. Not a bad bet by you, I can just never bring myself to ever bet on the Knicks. Grew up in NY, 24 years of disappointment and counting.

  14. Yall making me feel worried about my nets -13 bet

  15. I bet the over on this game! Good luck on your pick

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