1. They make a handsome couple. Hopefully she won’t eat him. 😁

  2. YTA. If you can’t handle coming second on holidays, better start dating people without children.

  3. just an fyi, i used mambo before and after everything was all settled they magically found all these extra charges even though i went over the estimate twice with the office manager before scheduling the move.

  4. I’m sorry you had that experience!! Totally against every experience I’ve had with them & I’ve used them for 10 years. What a shame.

  5. It’s probably a type of cellar spider, pholcidae… The reason why it’s white and fluffy is because it has been attacked by a particular fungus that preys upon this type of spider. It’s not uncommon to see several of them in the same area all afflicted by this fungus.

  6. So the smaller “spider” doesn’t actually look like a second spider to me as much as an exuvium… basically the actual spider’s shed skin. That’s how spiders grow.

  7. My cows love them some shrimp and they will bully each other dragging it around

  8. Right? They will absolutely throw hands? feet? whatever over it and I’m like lil dudes there is plenty for all I assure you.

  9. He will always be perfect to me... Even if he does poop on the floor sometimes >:(

  10. Yes, moving is always upsetting especially when you’re that stupid. Poor baby.

  11. This reminds me of my orange boy that was MIA the day we moved years ago and we couldn't find him at the end of the day after we had finished packing up the house. We went back the next morning to look for him and he ran into the now empty house and freaked out! He was having a full blown panic attack running from room to room, his meows echoing in the empty house. I felt so bad for him 😞 😭 after a few moments he let us pick him up and comfort him.

  12. YTA she can't get away from your advances and has to be polite to you because she is at work. Good for her for talking to ber manager amd good for the management foe giving you the boot.

  13. Psst if you don’t write it as Y T A (without the spaces) The bot won’t tally your vote. YATA doesn’t count.

  14. I hope you’re fully joking, and not just mostly joking. Going from holes all over the city to dicks all over the city is not really an improvement…

  15. ESH. do you even like each other? Because it doesn’t sound like it. Do yourselves a favor and get more appropriate friends.

  16. INFO - what do you mean by " like when Bear doesn't use the litter box ", is anyone spanking the cat for that ?

  17. I came here to say this too. Hitting a cat is ineffective discipline. All you’re going to do is make the cat afraid of you, the cat does not associate the act with the punishment the way humans do. Please don’t do this. there are much more effective ways of getting to the root of litter box problems without abusing the cat.

  18. give it a try. the place looks pretty unimpressive, but if I remember correctly people rave in the yelp reviews. i've had it several times.

  19. Soft YTA. As a stepmother myself, I absolutely understand the frustration when you disagree with the bio parents about something related to your step kids health and safety. It is a maddening feeling, being in a position of some responsibility but not ultimate responsibility. You absolutely should bring up your concerns calmly and rationally and explain them once and once only. If they hear it and decide they disagree, that’s the end of the story. And you just have to accept that. Because at the end of the day, it’s their decision, not yours.

  20. I hadn’t heard this. That’s truly tragic. Bone in chicken is so much better!

  21. “ well, I was going to shit on the floor, but the sign said not to so I better not. “ …said no one. Ever.

  22. DEFINITELY not a recluse. Looks like harmless Agelenid to me but I’ll let one of the experts confirm.

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