Supreme Court rules for coach in public school prayer case

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  1. Wearing a mask in public. Choosing to shrink my circle. Getting vaccinated and boosted

  2. serious question, couldn’t the doctor just say she was 5 weeks along instead of 6 weeks and 3 days. who else would know?

  3. I believe the “time along” is counted from the last period she had.

  4. Correct. But the dr said a very specific time so it makes one believe he has a reason to quote that very specific timeframe

  5. It looks like there is a curb stop (or parking block) in the space next to it. Maybe it’s missing in this spot?

  6. The Steelers and their QB not raping someone. Looks like you finally got a W!

  7. There are machine shops that make those customized machines. I work for a supplier on-site at one of them!

  8. What are you doing wrong…. Respectfully, you had a child you couldn’t afford. Triage with savings until the wife can work (can she pick up gig work from home? Every $100 helps)

  9. I have gen 1 I drive. It’s not perfect, buts it’s better than a touch screen! I assume the user interface has improved in the last 12 years as well

  10. Unless you have evidence to say otherwise, yes it seems like it was a single person pre-stamping ballots

  11. “He lit the Molotov cocktail and handed it to her, then pointed at the building, but he didn’t tell her to throw it” lmao, gtfoh

  12. Oh he told the news this after the fact…. Couldn’t possibly be lying to cover us the federal offense that is election fraud

  13. Just watch out as the suns going down, you will be a floating 3-course meal

  14. MotoZ in east aurora has a factory trained (meaning flown to Italy) mechanic/owner who ran the local Ducati shop. He is one of the best on the east coast for any bike, but especially Italian.

  15. Last option. I let it smoke a little after I put it on and then kill the heat. While it’s cooling down I buff it a bit. I am also not convinced there is a right way or that my way even does anything but waste oil, gas, and time. But, my surface is pretty and works well for me.

  16. This is what I do too. Remove food, scrape solids. Apply oil. Once I see smoke, kill heat. Wait 10 min or so, wipe excess oil. When cool, cover

  17. So the Supreme Court is bringing Sharia Law to America

  18. Sharia law allows for abortions in some circumstances

  19. Which part of that contraption do you think will withstand the forces of a flying Newf in a car crash?

  20. It’s a ratchet strap, and those handles are bolted into the he unibody structure, so all of it. It just has to slow her down so she doesn’t go out the windshield.

  21. Zip line devices increase safety by not letting your dog disturb your driving. With a small dog or in case of a fender bender, that may be enough. And yes, it will slow your dog down slightly before breaking into pieces, and if only because that's totally not what those grab handles were designed for. Newtonian physics are without mercy.

  22. Thanks issac. It literally costs you $0 to not comment

  23. Crank the heat til it smokes. Get some crisco. Wait til it smokes, wipe the liquid off. Rub crisco all over. Repeat 3x

  24. Not Loving v. Virginia, as Clarence Thomas is married to a whitr woman. But everything else, yeah.

  25. This sign is causing people to slow down and drive carefully, even if the cop isn’t there. Thats the goal right? Not fines right?

  26. They pay for 40 hours a week which is what I give them. Frankly that's probably too much.

  27. Good salaried jobs are the exception. I worked early wed (and followed this tip of not telling anyone) but knocked off early Friday. I worked a 50 hour week 2 weeks ago and a 30 hour week last week.

  28. This sounds like something DeSantis personally came up with lol

  29. Couldn’t be, he wouldn’t have admitted it was a problem after, or would have blames the tires coming loose on “the woke left”

  30. If the roles were reversed, he would 100% bitch if even one of the numbers in his SSN got out.

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