1. You probably have Kwin's compositor enabled, its not great for gaming as it can reduce performance. In Lutris there should be a checkbox to disable your compositor, although this will get you screen tearing (there might be a way to disable kwin's compositor and run the game fullscreen via gamescope which is what Steam's gaming mode does). You can try launching the game through Steam as a non-Steam game but you'll have to set up the prefix yourself and people will tell you 'its unsupported'.

  2. If you are going with Linux as your main OS consider getting a 6600, maybe the XT version. You'll save a lot of money and its a great 1080p card and you'll be using the FOSS mesa drivers which are great. The only problem I know of with the 6000 series on Linux is the cursor will be darker than normal on KDE using X11. I would only consider Nvidia if you're going to do stuff involving CUDA.

  3. It's going to be too hard if you try to look for one without a fan and all of those specs. (It goes as this, the fanless versions cut a lot of features because pcie 4.0 needs active cooling)

  4. For the realtek ethernet do you have to use the dkms drivers package or was it 'just werks'?

  5. Just recently installed arch on T61 with no problems.

  6. I have mesa in my machine, and honestly - everything's perfectly fine as it can be.

  7. Right I forgot that some models have the Nvidia dGPU, t61 is one of my fav laptops, especially the 4:3 model.

  8. Hey since you seem to have similar hardware to me (6800xt, dual monitor) and using plasma, does your system or did it freeze when waking up the monitor from sleep? I have to stay on an old kernel (5.19.4) since anything newer has that issue.

  9. If you buy a locked down PC you should never expect to get anything good from the corporation.

  10. Reject anti cheats, return to community servers where you can vote-kick/ban the cheater from the server.

  11. For current Intel stuff, do note if you get a CPU with the e-cores you'll need to be on kernel 5.18 minimum to have them work as expected. for Intel GPUs you'll need kernel 6.0 with very recent linux firmware. Both have FOSS drivers with only requiring firmware blobs, iirc Intel GPUs have better video encoding than AMD graphics. I also think it's a terrible thing to ask for hardware advice on linux_gaming when there's literally linuxhardware...

  12. It is proprietary software so you're at mercy of AMD respecting your privacy, see if blocking both devices access to the internet in your router/blocking and link in windows firewall works. Deeper inspection is using Wireshark and seeing if anything gets uploaded.

  13. Melee does this by default, doesn't matter the retail version of the game. Either use a gecko code to disable it or use the slipping launcher.

  14. This fix unfortunately doesn't respect the filepicker's cursor, its forced to adwaita when my system's cursor is breeze dark.

  15. I didn't watch the conference, was it confirmed to have Pluton or is it just the 6000 series CPUs in laptops that have them for now? Also holy shit the amount of people defending Microsoft, a company that sells your data, keylogs you, was in the Snowden leaks and continuously makes Windows more intrusive every update is astounding. You guys really want a 'security device' made by them in EVERY AMD CPU?

  16. How about playing emulated games of a NAS? I'm assuming up to 6th gen consoles there wouldn't be problems but how about PS3 games where the file sizes increase drastically?

  17. Vk is vulkan, a very fast rendering api, tf2 doesn't support this (it uses opengl on macos and Linux, DirectX 9 on Windows). If you use an apple device that's not M1/M2 and doesn't use the T2 security chip you can use bootcamp to dualboot with Linux or windows, you'd need to restart your PC to go from mac to Linux/windows to play games. I'm sure you already know but macos has absolutely awful performance compared to Windows or Linux so if you can dual boot is the best way to enjoy games, or just delete your macos partitions on your disk (if you are willing to, some people swear by macos creative software) and only use windows or Linux on your device. Don't bother with a Linux VM for gaming, GPU pass through is something completely different and involves your main operating system being Linux and passing though your main/an extra GPU to have Windows using that which will have near native performance and is used to play games with incredibly invasive anti cheats like EAC or games that don't work right with Proton on Linux.

  18. Thank you! Do you have any idea how I could dual-boot without it requiring 40GB of hard-disk storage, such as using an external drive to store the files?

  19. Dual booting requires Windows being installed to the an internal drive via bootcamp iirc, there's probably a way to get Windows running on an external SSD but the speed bottleneck might be USB speed, Linux is lighter and is easily installable on USB mass storage but again, running games the speed bottleneck will be USB, unless thunderbolt external devices are a thing.

  20. What distro and kernel are you running? I'm guessing that you're using the old radeon kernel driver, you need to blacklist that and force the amdgpu driver to be used.

  21. Yup, problem is testers test these shite games, with the exception of fs2020, where no one really needed urgent performance uplifts to begin with. Often optimized too, so there is little issues. It's just a number wankathon

  22. Intel user here. My system is used primarily for coding and gaming. I have all the mitigation disabled, as well as removed as much security features as I could in kernel configuration lol.That's how a gaming system should be. A gaming PC should be close to zero latency from all sides and should not contain any mitigation bullshit that can cause performance regression.

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