1. And the one constantly friendzoned is Stella

  2. So eida is the main villain? Momo did say Amado lied about her but what about daemond

  3. You didn’t explain why the Uzumaki clan’s existence never fits into the history of the Senju, we’re literally told they’re like cousins of the Senju pretty much, that’s why they have such high chakra reserves. Because they’re still descended from Ashura. They were also not described as rivals to the Senju or Uchiha. I don’t even know where technology is brought up here, nothing has indicated them being twchnologically advanced.

  4. I think hair color has to do with genes so if both parents have red hair then you're gonna have red hair but Naruto took Minato hair and boruto took Naruto and himawari took hinatas. Kushina didn't marry another Uzumaki because they were dead. Nagata had red hair because both his parents were Uzumaki with red hair.

  5. Wait so when an Uzumaki is born, someone has to die? Who died when Naruto was born or himawari. (I think you might be up to something because boruto says (that's when I was born).

  6. Jougan might be the first dojutsu and also it's abilities shinjutsu in the sense it was there before ninjutsu and can change reality (I think it's main power is seeing the future)

  7. he has all of it cuz he’s 100% otsusuki

  8. So you think the jougan (all seeing eye or truth eye), most broken ability might simply be future sight, where he can see into the future whenever he wants. Such a power will make someone crazy maybe that's why he gets slashed. We know eida can see the past. So it makes sense that the next step above is to see the future. This is more advanced than slowing time down like byakugan(what you see is slow a bit) or predictions like sharingan(helps to predict your next very move). If you can see what happens in the future and assuming you're a good guy you'll want to prevent the bad stuff and you won't be able to stop everything and you might have to pick and choose and your changing the future and soo on its almost endless.

  9. Why didn't Amado say the rinnegan was shinjutsu if he said code eida and daemon had it

  10. I guess shinjutsu has to be explained more, I'm guessing it's like a more advanced senjutsu type of jutsu. Ninjutsu uses your Chakra, senjutsu absorbs nature Chakra and combines with yours to make new jutsu. Shinjutsu is just nature Chakra itself? Anyways Amada didn't explain how he found shibai, u less isshiki knew about him and he used that to make eida code daemon and improve isshiki powers?

  11. jougan, momoshiki’s abilities (inukaitakerunomikoto aka iron golem, dragon snake creatures, golden rinnegan, rods, seeing the future, etc.), and maybe rasengan (doesn’t need hand signs).

  12. I don't think rase Gan is because what about medical ninjutsu without hand signs. Rasengan is too easy to use even Kakashi and konohanaru used it its clearly not shinjutsu. Jougan however is, we know it has similar abilities to byakugan and sharing an but can also open portals and see into the future, who knows the true extent of its powers, imagine eventually boruto can see into the future willingly. That's even better power than seeing the past. Knowing the past can't affect the future but knowing the future can affect the future. If he knows what someone will do he can stop it, knowing what the person did doesn't give you enough info on what they would do

  13. that ending was absolute peak television i don’t see how they’re ever going to top that again

  14. Yea I haven't checked prices in a year seems it's gone down from 30-35 to 27-29 for 16/17s.

  15. Aus is my favorite. They are just more funny and interesting. UK is funny too, USA is boring.

  16. Bro they robbed us of their hideaway. It seems they were getting it on and I don't blame him she was looking tasty.

  17. He played college football and look at him, you mean to tell me no girl wanted a piece of that even if it was just for a piece?

  18. Isaiah didn’t have to say or do anything that he did in Casa Amor. He’s literally just seeing the consequences of his actions. Whether she found out on the show or back at home that he made that comment, the comment would’ve made her incredibly insecure and want to reconsider the relationship. In my opinion, it’s better to find out sooner when you’re less invested in the relationship. Also, it’s better to find out on the show so you don’t look like an idiot dating someone who does not value or respect you.

  19. I feel like girls don't understand that guys will talk about your appearance especially with other guys. Even if he didn't specifically talk about sydney he spoke about phoebe but. It's just because it's a show and recorded. Girls all like omg I wouldn't wanna date a guy that talked about my surgery or whatever. Well news flash all guys do at some point and we still chose you.

  20. Sydney didn’t deserve that at all. She is a real person, that was just straight up mean. NO ONE would want to hear that about themselves.

  21. Thing is isaiha never mentioned her or her name or said a is more natural than b. He simply said she's natural and 11/10. Doesn't mean Sydney isn't good looking or that there's something wrong with Sydney. He was just stating facts he noticed.

  22. It's like someone saying "I'm really into blondes" . Then the viewers imply that I'm not into any other hair color therefore making it seem like there's something wrong with other colors when I never said nor meant it that way. It's all about perspective. He never said or implied she was unnatural.

  23. Yea the viewers are honestly the ones who took it as a dig at Sydney. It basically means that the people that watch the show think she isn't natural. Isaiah never said that. But no one wants to recognize they're a bully.

  24. They are down voting you because they know it's true lmao

  25. People are not going to agree with you lmao. But I do. While he obviously did say the all natural comment I do not think it was said with ill intent or that it was said to compare them. I would agree with you that people read way too far into it and put their own beliefs behind it.

  26. I don’t think he directly intended to compare them physically but he did make the “checking extra boxes” comment so he at best was subconsciously comparing them - and one of those boxes was looking “natural”

  27. But people always use the "ticking my boxes thing".

  28. I'm the real world guys talk about their girls or other girls looks to other guys obviously the girls never find out. I think this was a similar situation except this was recorded. He never implied Sydney was unnatural, the people blaming him are the ones implying.

  29. As you describes I think you could add the card to the wallet. Maybe you should check the default payment method to google pay in the settings.

  30. if you’re looking to be louder i’d highly recommend a res delete, just cut it out and weld a pipe in, it’s a drastic difference with absolutely no raspiness and a very good deep tone, and little to no drone on highway driving.

  31. I'm already muffler and res deleted. I'm not going stage 2 but I wanted more sound so I wonder if the secondary cat can be deleted

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