1. Oh get off your high horse. It’s fairly incredible the wind is strong enough to hold a plane back when it’s relatively tame on the ground. That’s not common knowledge.

  2. I guess if you've only flown commercial airliners, it's surprising how slow small planes can fly. Some Cub variants have stall speeds around 30 knots.

  3. Because when you're eff'ed and need something today- they're there.

  4. Same. I messed up my first time cleaning my headset and fork and pulled the crown race by accident. The local shop reinstalled it for me and refused to take any money for it.

  5. It’s an unpopular opinion on Reddit but I disliked it. I bought it when the Director’s Cut came out on PS5 and put about two dozen hours or so into it on the recommendation of a friend who said it takes a while to get going. I just couldn’t get into it, I found it really monotonous even though the story itself was intriguing.

  6. I put 10 hours into in on three different occasions. Once I get to Port Knot City I just lose interest.

  7. Seriously this. Shops are desperate for people right now. Just about anywhere would be happy to hire you. There’s no reason to stick around at a shitty job right now.

  8. As a journeyman, your mentor is a fucking idiot. Show him this comment. Why not tell you correctly the first time?? We are here to show apprentices. Journeyman set their apprentices up for success, not fail. Your mentor failed you kid. That shit pisses me off, not cool.

  9. This pisses me off so much. No one is born knowing how to do this shit. Of course your apprentice doesn’t know what they’re doing. Your whole job is to teach them!!

  10. Depends on the game and the shaker or transducer system.

  11. A bit off topic here, but if you haven’t recently, try iRacing’s built in LFE. It’s only single channel but it outputs directly from the sim physics model so it gives a more accurate picture of what the tires are doing than a third party option.

  12. Generally yeah, unless you’re outputting over S/PDIF or HDMI or something for your main speakers.

  13. Noob question. Haven't reached this level of maintenance personally but as I understand the process doesn't the tire have to be off the rim? No worries if I'm wrong. Just trying to pick up what knowledge I can.

  14. It makes it a bit easier to see, but no it doesn’t have to be off the rim. As long as the gauges can get around the tire and touch the rim, it’s fine.

  15. I will never have those in my shop. Old fashioned here - pick ‘em up and empty ‘em out.

  16. The ones I’ve always used have a suction pump to extract instead of compressed air, and they attach with a quick fitting so it’s almost impossible to make a mess even if you forget to open or close a valve.

  17. Joking aside there is actually a pretty decent helicopter mod for BeamNG that flies surprisingly well. It’s amazing how much aero stuff is modeled in a driving game, but I guess at the end of the day, physics are physics.

  18. If you notice, Nate tends to cut out his mistakes. Once you see it, you can't unsee it.

  19. He’s also generally running the trails blind and following very fast people who ride those trails all the time so it’s not at all surprising that he makes mistakes.

  20. How does that even work? I can get hiding one bezel behind another, but a seamless transition is nothing short of dark magic.

  21. I believe they’re Fresnel lenses that attach and cover the bezel seams.

  22. Did you have the battery disconnected while replacing the alternator? A lot of cars have a main charging fuse or fusable link that can pop if the charging cable touches a ground.

  23. Now that’s how you make a statement. No minced words there.

  24. I use Nord and it worked all last season. I can't use the ESPN app with it (because that needs location permissions to work) so to watch on mobile, I needed to go to website in desktop mode, but once it's in fullscreen, doesn't make a difference

  25. Nord worked great for me all last season too. I just put myself in Buffalo and all was well. It’s a pretty solid VPN otherwise as well. Quick and adds basically no latency, I don’t even have to worry about turning it off to play video games.

  26. I really hope this person just liked the team so much they bought the truck.

  27. MFS2020 missed out on the space sim audience by focusing purely on stuff happening in and below the stratosphere. Orbiter exists, but it's hard to swallow the 2010 graphics and basic (non-existent without plugins) audio after flying in MFS.

  28. Absolutely viable as VR only. I don’t even have a monitor on my rig and haven’t for a couple years.

  29. Honestly, I think a lot of players share this sentiment.

  30. I’m the opposite. I don’t have the time or energy anymore for an MMO. I don’t want to join an org, I don’t want to schedule my playtime with others. I don’t want to have to commit multi-hour blocks of time to get anything done.

  31. Legendary racer with 100% win rate. Won every race he’s ever done.

  32. 100% win rate and zero incidents either! Fast and squeaky clean.

  33. Yuppp. Though I'm not used to seeing them with an EGT sensor or post cats. This must be from Q7 or Q8 I would guess. I left the dealership right as those were coming out.

  34. I was aftermarket at the end of my career and worked plenty 3.0's and 4.0TT.

  35. Yeah, the cat on the 3.0T in the S4/S5/SQ5s that I've worked on splits into two 3 bolt flanges that the downpipes bolt too and isn't nearly this... voluptuous.

  36. Same here. I didn't do all of the side quests, but I did a lot and finished the main story. Couldn't get into the DLC which sucks because I heard Blood and Wine is just as good as 3 if not better.

  37. The good news is, if you ever come back you can just play Blood and Wine as a stand-alone. You can even roll a totally new character and it will just auto level you to a proper starting point for B&W. It’s essentially its own little game.

  38. Is there a new sprint F3 series I don’t know about? Or is this referring to ‘fixed’. Also what track?

  39. Here’s pretty much the same thing that happened in the real world.

  40. Every professional AC machine that I've used in a shop environment will have a little receipt printer that will show the exact amount of refrigerant recovered and charged so the customer could be accurately billed. In reality, we would almost never charge the customer for any refrigerant during a simple evac and recharge leak check. If we were actually replacing a component, the parts department would usually ask/bill when they handed out the replacement part, but generally not otherwise.

  41. Whatever the biggest Crankbrothers Stamps are. I’ve run Staints and Atlases as well but the Stamps are in a league of their own IMO.

  42. They’re not super easy to come by in the US, but

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