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  1. I'd buy it off you, been wanting one of these for months now

  2. Ask them yourself or just mind your business lol

  3. If this is a 276 engine usually rattling at start up could be a bad camshaft adjuster or chain tensioners and check valves. Early production 276 engines were prone to noise at start up due to oil pressure loss in the chain tensioners. That's why we installed check valves to reduce that oil pressure loss after vehicle sits for extended time. This wasn't known to cause any problems with the engine. A bad camshaft adjuster could potentially lead to engine damage though.

  4. Fair enough. I spoke with a friend of mine that works at the dealer and he literally mentioned a lot of same shit you did, so I’m just gonna have to take it in and let them look. Hopefully it’s not the worst case scenario lol

  5. Man, he made that catch and I thought they would close it out for sure 🤦🏿‍♂️

  6. Maybe you just use to much upt ? Idk man a lot of y’all don’t like to work in this subreddit

  7. Why would you want people to like working at Amazon lol

  8. lol sorry to break it to you, but we don’t like bikes here. You’re getting honked at no matter what

  9. Is your neighbor’s job hiring? Serious question

  10. I’ve had better cheesesteaks from the papi store. Let’s be real here

  11. This would explain the cabs on the floor at my building lol. Definitely gonna play

  12. They trynna exploit you because you work hard already. Don’t pay it no mind

  13. Grew up in Philly surrounding by eagles fans who gave me hell as a kid for idolizing Randy Moss. Moss left, I stuck around 😭 eagles fans still giving me hell btw

  14. Nah, the roster is pretty good on paper. I’m thinking more like 10 wins

  15. Thielen obviously isn’t Carter but when it’s all said and done I feel like JJ will have a better career than Moss. I say that as a MASSIVE Moss fan, and don’t think anyone matches Moss’ raw talent in todays game, but I feel like JJ has the right mix of talent and work ethic to be a top 3 of all time caliber receiver

  16. The numbers aren’t there to even back this take up lol. Randy arguably the most talented to ever play the position

  17. As a Philly native, I gotta say the city is really excited about him. Great young guy to collect for sure

  18. https://www.reddit.com/r/basketballcards/comments/ogb431/basketball_card_primer_v2/

  19. Thank you! I’ve already started buying Giannis cards lol so I guess I’m on the right track

  20. I have one. Pm me and we can talk.

  21. Hey thanks, I actually just got one not too long ago

  22. This something outta resident evil. It’s gone eat the house soon

  23. They can’t make you stay. The notice ahead of time is for them, not you. So if you wanna leave, leave.

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