1. Get them to find a safe spot and orb them see if they are safe as they think, get a blimp and drive around, get subs and shoot missiles at each other, go to the clothes shop and find the ugliest outfit

  2. Thanks for your concern. I'm disgusted by anyone that would want to steal a dog. I've called so many vets and councils so all we can do is wait to see if she's been dropped off somewhere and also just keep looking.

  3. I was born in Victoria and lived my entire almost 40 years here. And outside of the pond at Wilson Botanic Park in Berwick, I've never seen a turtle in the wild. Except in the last month where I've seen 4. All on the roads. Are they plotting something?

  4. I have 2. 1- Invite only lobby with my friend and I called a mugger on him but ended up mugging myself 2- a ghost train carriages moving slowly but no locomotive

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