1. Races both rockstar and social club created ones, 4WDing, making crazy outfits/clothes shopping , driving fun vehicles around like go-karts/blimps

  2. No because you don’t put a “bumper sticker on a Bentley”

  3. And her regimen. I know she does Cryotherapy frequently and HBOT frequently. She even has her own chambers at home.

  4. Nothing for months now since last Thursday 5+ a day. I Google the number after the call and it’s all spam

  5. Why is it your spot? Is there signs saying it’s private parking?

  6. Every parking lot here is allocated to a specific resident.

  7. Any sign to say resident cars only? I would leave it OP but if continues maybe leave a note on their car

  8. They look like 75 year olds reliving the glory days I’m sorry

  9. Are there any groups or videos of people griefing griefers? If so I'd like to join.

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