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AITA for not giving a plus one to my BIL to my wedding???

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  1. I don't think you're wrong. Having to scrounge up $20k for a one day party that you don't even want is unreasonable. Marriage is sometimes about compromise, and it sounds like you're trying to compromise on a small wedding, not really even an elopement. Small wedding is right between big wedding and elopement so I'd say you're hitting the nail on the head.

  2. I don't understand why we're upset about people preventing unwanted kids? Isn't this a good thing?

  3. Upset? Nearly every comment is “Yay! Less future democrats”.

  4. YTA- Russians in the US are having babies every day and some of them are giving them Russian names. Is that also terrible in your view? It's just a name and not all Russian things are automatically bad because one dictator decided he wanted war.

  5. I am also eloping ar garden of the gods soon but we're having trouble figuring out what to do with the rest of the day to keep the celebration going, could you tell me if you guys did anything after?

  6. No chance you have a picture of the seeds? I'm going to guess morning glory. Also could be some sort of bean.

  7. I unfortunately didn't think to take a photo of them before they turned into this

  8. Morning glory and a bean, hopefully a climbing kind. They be vines

  9. One of my most common tics is squeaking. It's very high pitched and sounds like a bird chirp.

  10. Can Hollywood please retire the nail gun trope?

  11. The nail gun is one of the only things the movie adaptation kept consistent with the book.

  12. Immediately thought of Heart Shaped Box because the dead girl in tbe book always asks about Lake Ponchartrain

  13. Beautiful gown! I ordered 3 cheap sets from Amazon and one expensive one from Nordstrom. These ones worked the best:

  14. Misses kisses! If you wear strapless often its worth it, you get push up effect with no back or straps!

  15. I don't really but it might be worth it just to have my boobs stay in place for my elopement. Thanks!

  16. Helgrammite, looks female, which can give a painful bite

  17. YTA- could your MIL's husband have not used excluding your son from candy as a lesson? Sure, yes he could have turned a blind eye, but he also has been seeing his wife (your son's actual blood relative) constantly being hurt and you clearly receiving some weird joy out of it. You sound like a shrill idealogosit with a pointless hill to die on. It's not about bodily autonomy, it's about how you're teaching your son that it's completely okay to exclude others under the guise of "I'm not responsible for other peoples' feelings' Christ lady, I wouldn't want you at my home for holidays either.

  18. You can take them all away except mashed potatoes, everything else can go fuck itself.

  19. I'm not even going to give a judgment because obviously you already know that you're the asshole, I just wanted to ask what fucking century you're living in.

  20. Technically NTA but Jesus Christ just feed the fucking cat, it's not like it doesn't already live with you.

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