1. No... Literally no one claiming to be her is actually her

  2. Can someone give me the invite code to ayeshacentral please

  3. No one who claims to be Ayesha Is Ayesha, and the pfp is AI to..

  4. This isn't spotifys doing, it's all distributor related

  5. Maybe but last time this happened it was up the entire summer and wasn't removed till like October

  6. Yes but that was before stuff started getting actively removed, now stuff doesn't stay up for to long. The person who runs the account keeps trying to upload freshmeat and they're failing depressingly

  7. no im in that twinks server and he messed up on uploading un(cunt)fortable or smth it was its voice

  8. Yeah just so you don't get your hopes up, NOTHING from the account is new it's all reuploaded stuff. !

  9. there’s definitely more unreleased people have their hands on, snippets and stuff just haven’t been leaked

  10. Nobody is gonna leak anything everyone gatekeeps :(

  11. It might be a deactivated account that got reactivated

  12. Look at the about section on her page... It mentions false information

  13. The legal trouble they're getting themselves into is insane

  14. I was in school , I didn’t care , and even then rn I don’t care ur the one all up in my notifs

  15. If you don't care then ok?..... Pay attention in school instead of replying to me 😭

  16. The last photo actually made me cry, this is so upsetting

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