1. There are torches at Vibe in Tonawanda! I’ve stopped two times so far and have been very pleased with the service and product :) 716 Premium….not so much

  2. The torches at vibe are so good. Good rotating selection of flower and concentrate too. Best of all, friendly inviting service. Much unlike 716P

  3. Is it easy to buy from there? I’ve never done it before

  4. Incredibly easy, very knowledgeable. Will be the best spot hands down once the lounge is open. Already a dope spot for being so new.

  5. Been here a few times myself so far, had a good experience every time. The owner is super friendly and I’m looking forward to using the lounge when it’s open.

  6. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life. Time to start looking for a new wife.

  7. She’s amazing, she just doesn’t get it and can’t reciprocate! It would be like having a spouse who was a UFOlogist, but you knew nothing about aliens. lol

  8. I'm just teasing bud. She just doesn't know what she's missing.

  9. Just stopped by. Looks like it’s gonna be sick

  10. Every damn week. I love aew, but their audio mix is hot trash every week

  11. Something about Jeff seemed off to me before, during and after the match. My mind automatically jumps in a certain direction, based on his history, but I really hope he was just having an off night. As he was leaving the ring after the match, for a really odd victory lap, he straight up elbowed a poor man at ringside and knocked the glasses off his face!

  12. Love how everyone here comments that OP should be happy that a cat is killing the wildlife on their property that they enjoy seeing. Keep your cats inside, I like the rabbits and other animals in my backyard and I don't like picking up the cat shit in my mulch.

  13. After going to the first one, I couldn’t agree more.

  14. I think I heard/saw somewhere it may be called "Fight Forever". I doubt that's anything more than a guess though.

  15. Too bad it’s not the ceiling, Kurt Cobain would’ve been great for this.

  16. Now if they could only get better at mixing the audio for tv...

  17. He used tbe song before Khan even bought ROH. Maybe they'll pretend it was planned for the benefit of the story but it definitely wasn't.

  18. Tony Khan announced the purchase of ROH 3/2/22, AEW Revolution was on 3/6/22. You are incorrect

  19. I would like to congratulate the many users of Reddit for dismantling my theory.

  20. This is kind of a silly suggestion, but do you have any wrestling/AEW shirts? Sometimes when I wear mine around town someone will notice and start up a conversation! I've ended up having deep wrestling conversations at Petco, a hair salon, CVS lol. Maybe that would be a good way to make wrestling friends?

  21. It’s the secret handshake of wrestling fans.

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