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  1. Most of the regulars at my station know every name on their routes. It’s kind of a point of pride type thing.

  2. I know I do, hard to not know them all when you work 6 days a week

  3. Exactly, almost feels like a variable heavy parry timing but not

  4. Y'all say you'd get out and deliver but if you slip on the snow or get hurt in some way it would all be on you

  5. I don’t see any pinned posts using the Reddit app.

  6. It's not a nerf if you never use bash to begin with 🤔

  7. I learned the amount of movement needed with Shaolin pre rework to make him not do the staff behind the back idle because people thought I was emoting on them in duels

  8. It's weird but I never run into an actual 2v2, only the other guy ganking when he wins his fight

  9. In certain situations, like if you got ledged. Getting ledged itself isn't toxic, but when you add good fight is when it is toxic.

  10. I don't know, I've had times when the ledge was actually well done and I'll say good fight

  11. I have found that the newer players around 100 or less overall reps tend to be way more salty, don't know why. That probably plays into no one saying good fight anymore

  12. Ive always thought that characters with longer light combos should have increased stamina costs on the following lights, would make triple and quadlights less effective overall if it eats more stamina to do

  13. Tip for light spamming Nobus. If the nobu does nothing but light spam, they're not really that smart so they have a pretty predictable pattern. I'm on ps4, so I can't reaction parry, but there's a simple thing I do that works 80% of the time.

  14. Same concept with newer wardens, if they whiff their first light they will usually throw another from the same direction

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