1. Ich, Facharbeiter mit 12,50 €/h, sage mal Hallo. Keine Sorge, du bist nicht allein.

  2. Ich würde mal nach ner Lohn Erhöhung fragen als unglernte minijob Servicekraft bekomme ich 13 die Stunde

  3. Und selbst wenn wir die Verspätung ignorieren, wer will denn bitte so ganz generell und allgemein quasi ein date haben mit jemandem der geistig definitiv nicht anwesend is?

  4. Sagen wir mal er war nicht komplett im Vollsuff, sagen wir so 1,4 promille nach 6 Stunden hätten er nen Pegel von etwa 0,8 Promille, damit hätte er in den 1980ern noch Autofahren dürfen, er während also wahrscheinlich in der Lage sich normal zuverhalten.

  5. Also NICHT komplett dicht aber bis 7 durchmachen kenn ich jetz aus Erfahrung ebenso wie aus wsämtlichen Erzählungen nur von LAN-Parties und auch da war um 13 Uhr keiner ansatzweise fit 😂

  6. As someone who absolutly wants kids, reading the comments about people saying that they are to poor makes me kind of sad and afraid of my own future

  7. Sondern? Frau, die sich ihr Leben nicht ruinieren will? Lass halt was an unnerum.

  8. "How long had you been lifting before you realised you'll never be happy with your physique"

  9. Im not sure if i have left that Part of me behind or if it comes back to bite me in the ass

  10. About 3 years, could have been less if hadnt been running and drinking so much

  11. Met a "normal" lookung girl (bit taller than average, skinny, red hair) that was like hyper intelligent or something like a year ago. Did not work out in the end as i am almost borderline retarded. But her ability to understand most things within a short amount of time, think of sloutions i would not have never thought about and her vast amount of knowledge hit me like train

  12. The whole time i qas reading that i had andrew tate in my ear screaming "what was god trying to teach you when your boner didnt work"

  13. It’s crazy that our subjective perception of time is just that. A drug that scrambles some neurotransmitters can make 10 minutes feel like a year. Kind of creepy really.

  14. Time in itself is kind of weird when you think about it how it exists and similarly does not exist. Also it starts to warp weirdly when you reach speeds close to lightspeed

  15. I mean i found its "remnants" like 3 years ago when i startet Lifting but in 2010 i was like 5 yeads old

  16. Hello! Please do not use fatphobic phrases or words such as diet. Hurtful language about body image can have significant negative impacts on an individual's mental health and self-esteem. It may also be triggering. When someone is subjected to derogatory comments about their appearance, they may begin to feel ashamed or embarrassed about their body, leading to feelings of low self-worth and poor body image. This can result in harmful behaviors such as disordered eating or excessive exercising to change their body in an attempt to conform to societal beauty standards. Moreover, hurtful language about body image can also contribute to the development of anxiety and depression, leading to long-term consequences on an individual's mental health. Therefore, it is crucial to promote body positivity and refrain from making negative comments about someone's appearance. Even if this was not your intention, you never know who might see your comment. I am a bot, and this comment was made automatically. Have a reddit day!

  17. Some people lack self awareness and need a push in the right direction or they will end up as a slob. You can tell yourself what you want, beeing overweight is neither healty nor good looking and the worst of All you are Robbins your body of its capabilitys

  18. At least for me assistance in hard times and a feeling i am not alone in this world

  19. Haus auf dem Land (Eigentum) Frau,Kinder ,mehrere Autos Klingt nach meinem Traum Leben

  20. What worked for me was go grocery shopping with them and get them to integrate Real food slowly and start to run or cycle a lot. You can not outrun the fork completly but you can compensate for a lot

  21. Die Meinung darfst du ja haben, ist dann halt scheiße. Paradox der Toleranz und so

  22. Du möchtest mir also sagen, dass absolute Toleranz kein Paradoxon ist?

  23. Doch aber absolute Redefreiheit ist die einzig wahre absolute Toleranz

  24. Yeah confidence is definitifly an issue, im currently working on

  25. So was hat unser gymnasium auch habs nie verstanden, im Raum bleiben ist das letzte was ich tun würde. Unsere Schule hat Türen die nach außen aufgehen und die Wände bestehen aus dünnen Regips-Platten.

  26. Kennt man ja, die Hungerzeiten der 60er und 70er

  27. Ich glaub er meint eher die 80+ Leute, also die Weltwirrschaftskriesen und Kriegskinder welche ihre Werte im Wirtschaftswunder an ihre Kinder (heutige Boomer) "vererbt" haben

  28. Ich esse auch fast zu jeder Mahlzeit Fleisch, muss halt meine Proteine kriegen

  29. I trinken he had his fair share of hand to hand combat training in the armed forces, plus i would bet my ass that he is consealed carrying

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