1. That was last Christmas! You don't leave your tree up in March do you!? /s

  2. Regardless of your feelings on gun control... it's still bizarre and unsettling to make christmas cards of your family holding them.

  3. "Matching PJs for this year's photo honey?"

  4. Honestly this is more blue balling than edging, as there's no pleasure in this

  5. That's not going to help his case much. Or the one he'll get from this.

  6. Shouldn’t destroying civil infrastructure such as power plants and hospitals to make people to froze to death count as war crimes? There is no need to add any additional proof, that is simply criminal and doesn’t discriminate between combatants and innocent civilians including women, the elderly and children.

  7. His current charge is over stealing children. So while yes, that should be proof enough, it is not the proof they are looking for.

  8. Yeah it's definitely not. I mean this isn't the 1940s, it's not spies and pigeon routes, the whole world hacks computers and phones and spies through satellites. There's nothing we're going to show that the Russians don't know we can do.

  9. Good for him :D it’s really nice to know that at least some “republicans“ can agree Edit: I apparently cannot read 🫠

  10. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the GOP have a veto proof supermajority in Kentucky?

  11. Yes, but they have to revote on it with 2 days left in the legislative year next week. Unsure if there's a way to delay it since they snuck the bill in last week on a fast track.

  12. Does his helmet really say Top Gov?

  13. https://twitter.com/nktpnd/status/1639016738892201986?t=0fKCkwEVYnHJU-j6KFU1Mw&s=19

  14. Everyone else's time however is fair game.

  15. Well that's not going to help tourism much

  16. We have purposely trained him wrong, as a joke.

  17. Chosen one! Weeeoooweeeoooooweeeooooo

  18. On a side note I only just realized 1 of the children's heads is Putin.

  19. Hopefully it wont pass, but if it goes through, i hope schools will do malicious compliance and refuse to talk about straight people as well. After all, being straight is a sexual orientation.

  20. It's up to the BoE to vote and it's chock full of DeSantis appointees. It'll happen, which is disgusting.

  21. Come on Friday Night Indictment, make him wait the weekend for a bail hearing.

  22. We're in NY, we don't do that kinda thing here unless you've killed somebody pretty much.

  23. Imagine being the Russian response team to the drone attack and seing these stickers all over the drones lol.

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