1. Thanks for sharing. Since you are talking about USD, can I assume you are US based? If so, what considerations have you made for taxation? That is my main concern about eventually withdrawing from YN.

  2. Transfers would be so much more fun if they all came out of nowhere.

  3. I would love to see a live thread of the last five minutes of the 1979 FA Cup Final. With people post 2-0, 2-1, 2-2 and 3-2 all over each other!

  4. love him to bits. but as I parlay this for my young daughter, I'll modify the phrase about "You Have not to be scared" to instead "Have courage to act even though you may be scared".

  5. \whatrussianarmoredvehicleisthis should be able to answer it. Looks like a russian Ural truck that has been blown up by a howitzer somewhere on the shore of the Black Sea.

  6. Question for the OP: looks like gets kicked around a lot. Does he buy free-kicks and pens a lot? Does he sulk and disappear after a good kicking? Just asking coz it looks like he has Jose Antonio Reyes (RIP) level of talent, but he couldn’t handle the rough housing.

  7. You can't tell me that's not John Malkovich in the 2nd pic, nope.

  8. Pull out when Wall Street Bets tell you YN is a great place to invest. /snark

  9. Finland exists; albeit it's either a Nokia factory or a frozen wasteland full of camouflaged snipers.

  10. This is a bit stupid. The 3rd person in this is trying to manipulate the outcome for two other people. That in itself is morally wrong. The pros/cons of lying are irrelevant here, in my opinion.

  11. A Rangers mate of mine reckons Calvin Bassey is gonna be great. Big energy player, MoTM is the Scottish final, picked in the Europa League best 11, doing well for Nigeria. Has come on leaps and bounds this year, and doesn’t get injured as much as Tierney. Any other Rangers watchers think he’d be a good fit as back-up left back, wing-back, midfield?

  12. Thank you for all the insightful replies. I am pleasantly surprised by the helpfulness and support in this community, given some of the other forums on reddit.

  13. I’m guessing that we were born in the same year and grew up watching the same matches.

  14. I didn’t really have a choice. My Dad was a regular throughout the late 40s, 50s and 60s. First game I really remember was the 1978 final v Ipswich. I cried when Brady announced he was leaving for Juve. Took me to my first match in 1980 (2-0 v Bolton). I learned to swear on the Clock End.

  15. I have not come cross any. But maybe when the right time comes, i will give them ago. Untill them i will make do.

  16. I grew up in an Anglican faith, disowned it all in my late teens. So when I sat with Ayahuasca for the first time, I was intrigued to experience if it would bring back some essence of spirituality for me.

  17. It's one of the reasons why I thought RVP wouldn't make a great coach when he said he was helping feyenoord. I doubt he'd be able to understand why someone can't simply jump and volley a waist high cross into the corner from outside the box

  18. oh man, you just made me go and watch that goal against Charlton again!

  19. The human mind is a big part of human existence and the human experience.

  20. I’m now in such a fucking foul mood. Thanks Arsenal. I’d better get a good meditation in before my family come home.

  21. Big Per off the bench, and Walcott off the commentary box…. and it’s 7-3 to the Arsenal!

  22. Those Weinstein boys need to go back to the Red Room in the Black Lodge. They’d be at home there discussing the Project Blue Book with Major Garland Briggs.

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