1. Don't think anyone can give you reliable advice on how to stop being lazy when it comes to cooking, but once you get used to it it feels like less of a chore. Your mind expands too and you become less picky and more capable of fixing up a decent meal out of whatever instead of snacking on oreos.

  2. Thaw (for even cooking), high heat, short cooking time. Same concept whether you're using it ground as is, or forming patties. You just don't want to let it release its juices to the point it ends up stewing and not frying. Same thing with whole pieces too, particularly breast.

  3. Process the soffritto as finely as you want. If you're planning to brown it (so not just sweat -- and there's value in that, though personally I prefer just sweating it), blend after browning.

  4. You can try adding brown sugar or honey. A bit of sweet to balance the heat.

  5. No reason it would be hotter the next day, besides probably negligible evaporation mostly during reheating

  6. Its been my experience that chili gets hotter as the flavors blend. Probably from the partial breakdown of the peppers releasing more capsaicin.

  7. The overwhelming bulk of any blending of flavours and breaking down of components happens during cooking, since it's all facilitated by heat. Slow cooking also gives the capsaicin plenty of time to distribute evenly throughout the dish.

  8. I generally feel like I never get that restaurant style seasoning on my fried rice… is there a certain soy sauce that they use to not give it that “kikkoman” taste?

  9. Lee Kum Kee and Pearl River Bridge (light soy sauce for both; dark is more for colour) are the most commonly available decent Chinese brands.

  10. Wow, thank you for the thoughtful response!! I really appreciate this and can completely reason with this. On a side note, do you have a website or recipe that you can point me to for a really good "authentic" fried rice that you speak of?

  11. OP has several videos on their channel, if you've not checked the links in the post yet.

  12. It's fine, it's part of the learning process. I guarantee you people who are much better home cooks than yourself screwed up way more than you did. Never mind pro chefs, never mind top level pro chefs where screwing up is actually a BAD thing -- and yet, they get over it.

  13. I think professional training is always worth it.

  14. It's just you literally coping with the loss. You can't cry all day, you'd not function if you did.

  15. Is he whining while asleep, or awake? Is it a thing that dogs would whine at carbon monoxide? The average gas detector doesn't pick it up.

  16. Nah. You can train them young to fetch, get a little treat when letting go of the toy/thing, then have them have fun without the reward. But if the dog's not used to it, it's normal.

  17. Whole roast piglet, apple in mouth?

  18. It’s just a little wet, it’s still good! It’s still good!

  19. Could draw a comparison between raita and tzatziki; guacamole, though?

  20. Don't use just any old brine! Watered down tomato puree is the way to go

  21. Okay, it is traditional though. Only 3 out of the first 21 (15 are in a recipe collection) Romanian recipes on Google don't list it as an ingredient.

  22. It is traditional, yes. I just think the cabbage brine is better than diluted tomato paste. ~regional preference.

  23. Love the recreational outrage over this. OP posted a screenshot of someone crying over a dog, made an unverified claim related to shitbulls and now you're all writing comments against strawmen.

  24. You felt the need to reply, you've got to be retarded

  25. But then you judge the fence, not the dog. We already agree on pits being terrible. We don't agree on whether the breed behind the fence matters when the fence works. You need better fences to keep huge dogs on the other side.

  26. Funny, me mentioning shepherds somehow means I've an obsession with them.

  27. It's completely normal to cook rice and spread it out on a wide surface to have it dry for ~1 hour before making fried rice.

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