1. Not at all against it, but the only ones I’ve seen are cheap-looking PVC doors.

  2. Ok, following the most recent advice here, I’ve started looking into new suvs. Now, I have as options a rare new 2022 Forester and a new 2023 hrv, both base models and both under 27000. Any opinions here?

  3. And… both dealers ended up asking for a 20% markup over msrp.

  4. So I’m assuming 3yo is still RF in a convertible and 6 is in booster? This would make me lean towards the pilot

  5. 3 yo has switched to front facing and 6 yo on booster. The trick there is fitting an adult next to the two when needed, because 3 yos sometimes need that kind of attention. I need more width than legroom.

  6. For sale is an excellent daily wear Bell & Ross Vintage 126. It’s a 39mm chrono that is 200m water resistant. Beautiful case and exceptional wearability. Comes with a quality tropic and a custom leather band with original deployment clasp. No box or papers. Recently serviced. 8.5/10 visually. Looking to get a GMT and may pay a bit on top for the right watch. $1600 shipped insured CONUS.

  7. I’d say pay cut is the biggest issue. A lot of European academics also teach quite a lot AND compete hard for grants. Think of the US as the ruins of a system that worked extremely well during the Cold War. The European system has a lot of soft money floating around and there is a certain ceiling for how comfortable you will be in terms of pay and hours worked. There is also a lot more bureaucracy.

  8. 36ish case, keeping excellent time. Superb condition and beautiful to look at.

  9. I bought this as an estate piece in immaculate condition. 38-39mm case, FE4611 movement keeping excellent time, with original rubber strap. I don’t know much more about the watch other than that it keeps good time and looks outstanding. Certainly very unique and collectible.

  10. I ended up getting the blue Seestern 62mas for starters. I am holding out for the sale to get a San Martin. Some observations.

  11. Thank you so much! That model for me is all about the green dial.

  12. A very nice vintage watch you can wear everyday without feeling like it would be OK to wear if it only were an heirloom.

  13. Not that it matters, but I will be away for the holidays (until mid January or so) from tomorrow evening. I will take the watch off sale. Just an FYI to everyone who has shown interest. And thank you for all the interest. Happy holidays!

  14. Damasko DS30 in outstanding condition with extra strap. The only thing that is barely visible is the tiny scratch near 12. Full kit.

  15. Hey there, any interest in trading kits? I’m in Philadelphia.

  16. I have a full Fuji set if you are interested. It’s not a new xs10, but it has everything one might need to start off.

  17. I am sure everyone will say Toyota Land Cruiser, but it is such an impractical car for 99% of us. Some will also say every SUV is reliable when well-maintained, which I don’t believe is true. Looking at what early 2000s SUVs have survived in my pothole-y city I’d say Subaru Outback and Forester, Honda CR-V and Pilot, Toyota RAV-4, 4Runner and Highlander. These are the usual suspects. Some more unusual suspects are BMW X3, Volvo XC, Nissan X-Terra, Ford Escape and Explorer and that one SUV made by Mercury.

  18. This is the model with the 44GS case and the champagne dial. Top of the 9F quartz line.

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