1. A relationship is a two-way agreement. If one party doesn't feel comfortable it's not "I'm the bad guy" it's called let's talk it out and find an alternative but if there's none, time to rethink if that's the right person for you.

  2. I hate that woman more than the hitman.

  3. Report her, get a new support and focus on your study.

  4. Do it traditionally, go to a (gay) bar or social events, talk to strangers and see the chemistry.

  5. Trouble is... I'm not the bar/pub kind of person. I don't know what to say and how to behave. I used to go to pubs with my close friends to have a drink and hang out, but I never went alone to meet people.

  6. Try to attend those events alone, sometimes when you have wingman, strangers loses their focus lol. Also try to travel, meeting new people during travel are awesome. Don't give up and best of luck!

  7. That's why most USA snacks are banned abroad.

  8. So...they ran out of tide pods?

  9. Jab antibiotics and move on.

  10. Call them out on Yelp and Google Reviews

  11. The constant nagging actually works!

  12. Slap with skateboard because self defense.

  13. Companies shortened product life cycle by cutting quality so people will buy more in shorter period of time.

  14. Red flags. That's violence and domestic abuse. Please find a safe place out of your current residence and find the support you need:

  15. Bless you and may you have a long happy life <3

  16. The answer will always be: YES.

  17. Be the change in your workplace. Ask to be part of policy maker in a discussion table to include inclusivity and training on SOGIE.

  18. Is this a real life or just a fanta-sea

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