A Turkish soldier raised a 5-year-old Korean girl during the war and they meet after 65 years again

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  1. We are not putting twilight in the time capsule forget it

  2. Well. I will have my own time capsule then 🥺

  3. The movies were pretty bad, but I enjoyed the books even as a teen boy at the time they were coming out.

  4. Definitely agreed books were better than movies but on the other hand that's the case for almost all the book+tv series/films. Like hunger games are a great move series but books were def better than the movies

  5. Honest opinion? Adulthood shouldn't be determined by age it should be determined by an exam. An exam of every aspect of life. From having children to buying a house to work in certain departments. For example you've passed the parts about having a child and buying a house/car but haven't passed for taking out a loan that should be in your system on your Id card. When you ask for a loan in the bank they should say "nope we can't do that because your maturity level doesn't add up with that" or you want to pursue medical education but your maturity exam says at this point of your life you aren't compatible with holding down that kind of stress, heartbreak, emotions (compassion, empathy, understanding, non judgemental, sadness of loosing a patient, being able to do what's necessary to save a life) and knowledge than you're not allowed to pursue medicine and/or you want to be a brain surgeon but you exam shows you can handle being an anesthesiologist not a brain surgeon they should say either follow this,that or those or come back next year/6months for the exam. And not just for that but for anything in life any job, life aspect. Like if you didn't pass to be a parent you shouldn't be allowed to have a child. Accidents happen and you get pregnant government should arrange an open or closed adoption/give the baby to the man if he passed if you wanna give birth according to your wishes as well but you shouldn't be fully responsible for the child's upbringing but a person who's part of their life not a parent to make judgements tho. They should start around 15-16 and go for as long as the person wants to be better. They don't have to be written tests they could be multiple layered (as they should be) but almost anything should have a license to give for the person to be able to do.

  6. No we are not. No one gives a shit about this in korea.

  7. I'm pretty sure they do as several years back when Russia threatened Korea they threatened back by saying if the threats continued they would lower the Korean flag and rise Turkish flags in response. (I'm not able to find the article but it was a sensation in Turkey for several weeks

  8. Yes to block them! The blanket I’m making right now is made out of acrylic yarn and has multiple pieces to be sewn together so if I block them they all end up the with nice straight sides to sew together so the finish product looks much better!

  9. Oh i see and how do we do that? And does it only goes for straight projects? Say like a case for sth needs to be blocked too?

  10. Depending on what your making depends on how you block it. I’ve blocked entire blankets by wetting them in the bathtub, squeezing out the excess water and then laying them flat to dry overnight and then like with my blanket I’m working on now, it’s made up of hexagons so I just block each individual hexagon on a peg board I made so each one is exactly the same size around once it dries. I won’t block the entire blanket when I’m done because it should be fairly well blocked already by the time it’s all sewn together.

  11. Oh just realized it's a ps 4 cause the kid says it. Makes sense still i agree with the outside comment as when the video came out i think ps4 was still new. Idk I'm not up to date with consoles

  12. Well i sometimes lick the shell for the salt but I've never eaten it for sure. I might try but i feel like I'm going to hate it. Nevertheless I like you because you're creating less food waste. Good for you

  13. Well that’s a very positive way to think about it, thank you. Yeah the shell can be really salty so you can’t really have too many peanuts. Might as well try it once though you might hate it or maybe you might love it.

  14. I have a head lamp that's "day light" head lamp and i bring it with me to the yarn store find a dark corner turn the baby on and check out under it. It's not %100 thing but it works maybe 1-1 1/5 tones different than actual sun light but it works

  15. We have that in Canada. The one side effect is you get people rummaging around your bins on garbage day, but it’s generally harmless. Better collecting cans than breaking car windows looking for change. That’s still a thing, but it would be more of a thing if the empties weren’t more payoff for less work.

  16. Turkey too. İdk if there's a deposit? (homeless or not some people just earn their life from it and government started a program to make them official government workers a few years back idk what happened because of the pandemic tho) people collect Plastic,paper,metal (almost all types of metal like chopper, aluminum etc), glass and repairable/usable items from dumpsters all the time you can see 3-4 people through the day in the same street sometimes. And there's this guy's called junk dealers(ragman) where they have a handcar walking around the city shouting "ragman. Ragman's here. I'll buy your junk etc" and they give you a small amount of money or latches to buy your everything that's old for the kg of the product. And all these people take this stuff to recycling centers and sell them for profit to earn a living.

  17. I saw the first pic and was surprised. I was thinking, “What kind of fucked up meal is this? That looks like dog food. Is this what people feed others after a natural disaster/or refuges?” I was so glad when I saw the cats. I laughed so hard my side hurt.

  18. You know what i though they were crumbles of something like bread of meat and my thought process was "how am I supposed to enjoy that meal with a fish head looking back at me"

  19. Ok there's so little i wouldn't do for a good amount of cash and this is one of them. Here's the thing this room is too white too plain and i get nothing NOTHING. I'm sure I will get white blindness at some point and probably go insane as i already talk to myself regularly and my imagination is too strong. I would drive myself insane not the room not having nothing but my own brain thinking stuff not being able to distract from stuff. It's like you know how when you're extremely hungry and stomach acid is extra high they say there's a risk of stomach eating itself? That's what would happen to my brain. My subconscious mind and imagination would eat my brain

  20. I would go with 6 but i would have a cigar in one hand and bourbon or sth (i don't know my alcohol yes) on the other just casually hang out there till someone said "what the hell?" And i would be like "I'mma get you guys a new couch. like this comfortable thing with soft-firm armrests and all... Oh btw I'm quitting" (that imma buy you ..... Thing is a running joke here in Turkey)

  21. Here's a thing i learned here in this sub when i couldn't make ends meet and zero waste cleaning products weren't making sense in the money/product amount department. (It's still something I'm not able to afford unfortunately) where i would buy 5-10 kg worth of detergent with the same money of buying 2 bottles of zero waste detergent (they're like 30-40 loads probably) and i was feeling so guilty for going for the environmentally bad and plastic packed ones (i was getting 1kg as it's way cheaper not cheaper than bulk but it allowed me to afford my next meal)

  22. Ok that's when your skin turns to a reddish orange color from too much orange food (yes it's a thing)

  23. İ wrap my yarn around my pointing finger (the finger in the pic) and wrap it for like 5-6 rounds and release the yarn as i go so the tension is always tight without having to keep my finger straight up in a pulling position

  24. You can gift them or donate the toys to social services/women shelters that takes both women and their children or donate to a children's hospital, school, girl scouts so they can sell them with cookies (if that's a thing) to raise money, make a take one box outside of your home for people/children to take one

  25. Yea its a copy from an old dudes profile. They've shared that one here

  26. But is it like that if you burn the ends and make it safer?

  27. My biggest problem with yarn stores are that they're too cluttered. Everything seems to be everywhere and yes they're organized on their own way but they're not it's just so tiring to my brain sometimes it's even hard to be able to move around because of all the stands and cluttery look

  28. Ok i think the sky colors should go from lightest to darkest. And maybe not white . light blue bright blue greenish blue and dark blue in that order might look better

  29. Dostum kendi çocuğumda bu durum olsa ona eziyet etmek hiç istemem ama en az bir 16 yada 18 yaşını beklemesini isterim. Hala devam ediyorsa kendisi bu konuda istediği çözüm yoluna gidebilir.

  30. Bu süreç psikologlarla daha düzgün bir şekilde yönetilebilir. Çocuğun kendini bulması kolaylaşır ve gerçekten kimliğinden eminse psikolog ve doktor kontrolünde ergenlik hormonu baskilayicisi kullanılabilir bu da çocuğun psikolojisi ve daha sonra değişimi için daha iyi ve kolay olur. Çocuklarda cinsiyet kimliği ortalama 3-4 yaşlarında oluşmaya başlar.

  31. Im like 90% sure the red yarn is bigger than the other one

  32. Ok men have darker penises and balls to their skin tone too as woman have darker labias and assholes that's a perfectly normal thing. You can get your private parts lighter cosmetically (i believe some estheticians do it but I'm not sure exactly who/what they're called) but that's quite unnecessary unless it's effecting your mental health. Your genitals being darker is perfectly normal

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