1. That they hate and push out any medication. Turns out no. I have been so scared of pills and stuff so we get different forms of parasite protection but she's sick with angina rn and she's taking her soft shell vitamins extremely happy and her antibiotics quite nicely.

  2. Oh wow I definitely have to hide my dog's meds in cheese, but I'm so glad yours is loving hers, especially since it looks like she really needs them ❤️

  3. İdk if it's because İts a syrup and doesn't taste yucky or just her personality but she's so happy to get vitamins so much so i feel sad that she won't take anymore vitamins after tomorrow lol and for antibiotics it's a syrup that tastes kinda sweet that has particles (a dust form that you mix with water) she just sits and takes the syringe without any protest.

  4. Nah not really. We like the owner and what penis can do for us at least me but on its own it's not attractive. If my man is naked it's a toy i can flip around stretch let go etc etc but that's about it.

  5. Don't do this. One of my friends had a string coming out and thought it was a hair turns out it was a nerve she actually pulled out. Don't do this.

  6. Well Bella slept for 2 days. I was actually able to leave her with my partner and go see my mom so i worked my schedule around it so the shot and my visit would be at the same time lol

  7. Oh she's much better. It was quite a rest. Tho she peed from fear today that is confusing and scary if turns into a habit or trauma but our vet said it's because of the breed/fear and as long as she's her happy self it's ok. And she's her happy self. I'll tell her you said hi 🥰

  8. Juices flying everywhere? Oh. And how would a towel put down can help the juices flying to your computer Tobias? Lmfao

  9. I thought they were like high heels or sth but those look comfy. I can't blame the bride on this one

  10. İdk the English name for it we call them Trabzon hurması in Turkish. You peel them and eat them by spoon basically(if they're hard keep them on the sun for 1-2 weeks until they get soft like you'd to to ripen the tomatoes lol). I don't like taste of it l. It DRYS my mouth idk but my mother loves them like loves them.

  11. I've never tricked her yet. İ just give it to her albeit we haven't had anything that tastes sour but shen i try to trick her she gets jumpy and refusing anything now we're on antibiotics so when it's her medicine time i just call her over.let her watch what i do (put the medicine in a syringe) and out my hand on the side of her face. She just opens her mouth. İt took like 2 says and 4 trays to get her used to it but now she doesn't fight back at all

  12. My 4mo pinscher does it a lot. Like so much i worry she'll hurt her kidneys

  13. She might be too tired actually. My pinscher pup gets zoomies when she's too tired and couldn't find time to rest. When i lie down she'll be an asshole for like 15 minutes and then realize sleep time and actually sleep deep

  14. I have a pug (so definitely lower energy overall) and he only gets the zoomies if he misses his naps 😅

  15. Honestly bella is like that too. Zoomies= too tired. Too hard biting=overstimulated/too tired.

  16. Someone boob? Like not the mother's but SOMEONE'S

  17. Damn they really got the evolutionary short straw.

  18. Not an impossible pose but very very uncomfortable. Just tried.

  19. Mine does this as well. I break up his food so during one feeding I put half in a slow feeder that is damp (soaked it in warm water to soften) and also let him search for his food. Like three his food on a rug so he had to search for it. (Was in a controlled area).

  20. I guess i will need to buy a slow feeder too but the ice cube tray took her 5 minutes and it has small deep holes so would a slow feeder actually help? I feel like sell figure it out how to eat fast

  21. Before buying another slow feeder then ,I would maybe try giving her food in stages. Since she does eat so fast. For my dog I’ve used the slow feeders or the puzzle games or the balls that roll that you put treats or food in. Making him work for his food has made him slow down so much.

  22. Oh this is an ice cube tray not a slow feeder lol. She's gonna stay with granny for a few months so feeder is the best option but thanks for the help

  23. When one of my dogs was recovering from surgery, I boiled chicken for her and saved the water. She loved drinking that once it cooled down. You can stretch it out by adding additional water, too. Be careful with packaged broths as many are high in sodium.

  24. Yes i never thought broth imma do that. Thank you 💓 I'm boiling some cow throat and goat head skin (both her natural treats) to see if it helps if not I'll go buy some chicken

  25. MinPins with their tail and ears undocked are so adorable!!

  26. Oh thank you for reminding me of this video. She has grown so much since then 🥺

  27. Someone asked me how much is she and being me i thougt they meant how much did you pay and said "got her for 1300" and the person pulled out their wallet and said "here's 3000." When i blank stared them they continued "can you please to grab her stuff like bed food etc and come back with them while me and my new pup wait here for you" like wtf? Who goes out trying to buy puppies right there and then AND carry money for that like dude chill.

  28. Never ever talk to anybody like that. More times than not they are interested in acquiring a dog for dogfighting purposes. Either to raise fighters or as bait dogs. They have been known to be so aggressive as to steal them out of your arms. Listen to me, I have been a rescuer for over 50 years. Better safe than sorry. Go inside around a lot of people or get in your car and go home. They will also respond to free puppies on Craig’s List, etc. Imagine the worst and hope for the best. Don’t put you puppy’s life in danger.

  29. Oh thanks. Well they didn't have a chance to steal her fortunately because she's a min pin and 4 days shy from actually walking on the ground so she was in a dog bag that I've worn to my front and secured to my back and she had her bag leash secured too it would definitely a fight for that dude to be able to grab her and run lol but I'll definitely be more careful in the future

  30. So no suffering from menopause but they don't know about antropoz

  31. Wait eat everything off the ground? Are you taking her out to walks?

  32. No sorry in our garden when she’s out to toilet she’s eating all the snails or moss she finds or random bits of dirt 🤣 no walks yet her last vaccine is next week ☺️

  33. Oh good lol. Tho I'd definitely be wary about eating snails. They carry a ton of parasites some of which are deadly and some effecting the brain. Good luck and enjoy your pup

  34. Jeff the Killer but he only goes after himself. He sounds like such a character IWHKS

  35. He definitely is lol. And looking at my baby girls face at that moment would make a dead person laugh lmfao

  36. Nothing yet with my baby min pin but my sister's Chihuahua Jeff (who i adore) has a thing about reflections. When he sees himself he will howl and bark like a mad man. and one time he saw me in the mirror next to him (i wasn't there before the shouting match) didn't realize i was right back but thought i was in the mirror and launched himself to the mirror nothing broke but he tried to get inside the mirror for a good few minutes before I picked him up.

  37. 3mo is waaay early to be fully potty trained, a trainer won't help alot bc that's just how babies are..mine was only fully potty trained at like 5/6 months and even now at 8 she sometimes does mistakes..they are puppies don't except it to be perfect and just enjoy it! Also you should star leaving them alone as early as 2m so they don't get separations anxiety..leave them with a Kong some nice chew toys and leave for 2 hours or so..mine is now alone for 5 hours at 8m and does well

  38. I know. My partner is thinking differently tho. Since we live in the tattoo studio basically it's a problem but I'm finding more and more solutions

  39. Just a comment: 3mo is still young to be fully potty trained. A trainer would probably just help you identify her signals, but it will probably still be another month or two at least.

  40. I know the sings but my partner has changing his mind about training everyday so we'll see

  41. I can't wait for this 10 last days to be over so i can go on walks with her. Gosh it's been hard

  42. My husband builds Waste water treatment plants and he says when they tour the plants there are tomato plants growing everywhere. Considering what those seeds at the waste water treatment plant went through, I would think tomato seeds are super productive 😬

  43. They definitely are. You can whisper tomato to the ground and a tomato plant will grow. There's one in my street that grows from the tiniest crack on the sidewalk and it's thriving. No one knows how it got there but it did. In my mom's garden last year's tomatoes spread to everywhere. This year there are tomato plants every nook and crack and opening even in the pots that are well over a meter high from the ground.

  44. Me to! We can share! I'm mostly in it for the hair and plants anyway

  45. Please share him with me too. I'm here for the naked hot bod that's all.

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