1. Just in case anyone else was anxiously awaiting the Makeup by Mario brush restock. Sephora.com has the F1, F2, and F3 brushes available on the website now. Snag one before they sell out again! 🙃

  2. May I ask what is special about these brushes?

  3. They are supposed to be great for blending the Skin Perfector (which I’m a huge fan of!). I love the brush that comes with the cream blush and believe these will be just as good or better!

  4. I see someone already answered your question. I just wanted to say the Replica Bubble scent smells so good. Gives me nostalgia from baths at my grandparents house!

  5. Go time! Thanks OP, you were the person who broke the news to me. I got my bag ready depending on what happens!

  6. I just run it through the garbage disposal cause it pisses my daughter off.

  7. Yes and failure to understand the written laws. The DA would read the specific laws for the group and answer questions…and people STILL didn’t understand. It was a fascinating study in human behavior and simultaneously a very long 3 months 😂

  8. Wow. That’s a long time for a trial. What an ordeal. Especially if you don’t have much respect for your fellow jurors.

  9. I’ve wondered if Agenda 2030 has a deeper purpose. Perhaps tightening control of the global population in preparation for a cataclysmic event?

  10. I’ve had the same issue. I’ve read that it’s when sweat & lotions get under the device. It’s a breeding ground for bacteria and will also irritate your skin.

  11. Honestly, if it's not in the PD's releases it shouldn't be considered confirmed. According to Moscow PD's website, everyone but the ex has been cleared.

  12. Eh... I feel like we all knew Charli would win this season. She is such a sweet girl and I'm happy for her! Gabby did amazing too. How cool is it that she was the runner up? GET IT GIRL:grin:

  13. Yeah garage door up/open and you can see everything in the garage. It’s so weird to me!

  14. Yes, I believe that’s the case with many MSM journalists. That’s what keeps them close to the source for better access/interviews/etc.

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