1. Thanks for remembering this and pasting the transcript from that segment here. God I miss Ives.

  2. Me too!!! I heard he has cancer but do not know the accuracy of that.

  3. The public really doesn't need to know. His lawyer needs to know and I'm certain his lawyer is fully aware of where his client is being held.

  4. I disagree. The public should be able to know. Actually it's the public that needs to be asking big questions in Carroll County.

  5. Why does the public need to know where he is? Other than satisfying people’s curiosity what purpose does it serve? He was moved from Carroll County JAIL to a Dept of Correction PRISON for safety purposes. Hence the reason his info isn’t in the Offender Locator system. The only people who need to know where he is are his attorneys, Carroll County & DOC. What are these big questions that Carroll County needs to answer?

  6. Then why do we have to hear about his deterioration and the defense can talk, be in groups wtc...but we can't know the follow up....get outta here.

  7. And the whole time a little 5'6" CVS manager that came forward the 17th couldn't be found.

  8. Which group?.. if you can say. I feel like I'm in all the active ones and haven't seen it.

  9. All opinions matter seems to have good information. They have a lot of locals and creators..

  10. Interesting tip messaged me privately. Thank you for the suggestion though.

  11. And Leigh Kerr, Scott Anderson, Glassworks and Jordan McCoy. Hell he may be Kate. And trust me if he gets wind that you're going to out him, he sends someone to threaten you until you post a public Matt is awesome post

  12. I tapped out. I can't even engage with a retired judge...lol I'm just a regular sleuther.

  13. If that were true they wouldn’t have agreed to continue the bond hearing per the court and found him an appropriate pre trial facility. They can’t do anything if they can’t have his assistance.

  14. Maybe they wanted time to make him appear small, frail, crazy and with that disease "can't remember S" so they can say but look.at big ole Ron. He's 6'1 218lbs and you all think he's too old. Who's guilty? I don't know but I think that's strategy. The case is big on what? Video and audio.

  15. The defense including people they have hired already.

  16. Is HS an acronym here, or maybe just a typo?

  17. It's a name of a females pinterest named Hailee Schneider....maybe. it has an email that is rickallen67....and a folder named Abbey spelled that way. Bible verses and quotes from Alice in wonderland. I wish I could post the screenshots..

  18. I can’t remember the numbers that were used.. I thought it was rickallen42 or 45… sht I can’t remember.

  19. Actually it's rickallen1972. I just checked.

  20. Awww, I've never seen some of those pictures. That makes me so sad 😢.

  21. Absolutely but I believe they are on streets of gold right now.

  22. I just need to see a photo of this FF in his current state

  23. If nobody hears from me for weeks I'm ok...I'm just down 🐰 🕳 🙃

  24. Awesome show. Everybody did so great and I could watch and listen to Meow all day. I also think it was great that Rick just let it occur organically. No scripts...just a wonderful discussion bringing awareness.

  25. I wholeheartedly agree. And Matt didn't state any of it as an opinion. Pure fact. Sadly, I don't think it was even the same video where Matt stated, again with certainty, "Bridge Guy is Gabe Ellis."

  26. 😁😆😅🤣🤣🤣 "you ain't lying" lmbo. All very true. I forgot the Gabe Ellis thing , so dang funny.

  27. Thank you so much. You know there was a idiot in a chat on Flora and I can't remember whose it was. He said Gaylin was caught on video putting gasoline in a container 2 days before the fire. Those kind of moles/trolls tick me off because in that particular live people believed him and made up their mind she was involved. I loved seeing you on Thomas Frost show Meow, it was incredible. You keep on keeping on bringing awareness and helping Gaylin. I have watched that Thomas Frost episode several times because you present things in a way that's easy to understand, you're talented af, beautiful....and I wasn't familiar with you prior to that show and assumed you were a seasoned investigative journalist because you did wonderful. I look forward to your next Flora panel you participate in. Peace ✌

  28. Oh sorry I'm maneuvering my way around. Not great at Reddit. Meow Rick Snay has been trying to reach you to do a Flora panel. And thank you for being kind.

  29. It’s fine! I “pinned” it so it shows up first for most users (which have their settings set to show posts set to “hot”) I did this because It is a quality post, and I assumed most users would want to see it. As for Rick Snay he lost a lot of credibility based off of the Delphi case, he owned up to his mistakes so I would like to hear his thoughts. We shall see!

  30. I think it was based off RA's younger pictures hoping his wife would come forward but that dizzy broad didn't.

  31. Interestingly, this fire was convenient to the other local HVAC-contractor. Lauderdale was the only service- competitor until it burned-down

  32. Wow something always stinks in Carroll County.

  33. Norokk was in SD I recall. Small world eh. I guess they need a good fire to keep warm there.

  34. I'm amazed at all the craziness around these girls deaths. I'm curious if they were targeted or if someone did it not knowing who was there etc...but I'm thinking it was targeted. Too many shady things in Flora Indiana.

  35. It is Julie Melvin talking on Sleuth intuition. She spoke with the neighbor the witness who is also Tobes mother in law.

  36. Thank you! In all my years reading I’ve never heard of this. 😯

  37. She explained the man as dark. Dark clothing, eyes, skin....

  38. Yes when he looks like he spits. That thing everybody thought was a stuffed cat or panda was his grey and brown goatee. His jeans are too long because he is short. I think he has on a brown hoodie over a grey/green color hat...just like the one he's wearing playing pool. Carter said, maybe it's his shirt tail...look at how RA wears his shirt tail. Watch him walk, although shackled you can see it. Why? And who else is involved is the mystery.

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