I painted a Khajiit in my style using watercolors.

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  1. What?! I thought South Americans spoke Brazilian?

  2. A pulp mill you say? Is that where they remove the pulp from orange juice?

  3. No dummy it's where they make the pulp for orange juice.

  4. Girls like: “why can’t my boyfriend/husband make me orgasm?”

  5. Stranger things. I like some strange things in bed.

  6. in plus magic is forbiden in duels if it was like ulfric shot torygg with a glock during a knife fight

  7. Exactly this. A duel implies both parties are equally armed. If someone challenged you to a duel and draws a sword the implication is that it is a SWORD duel. You can’t pull out a gun and shoot the person and call it a fair duel.

  8. Skyrim isn't midieval europe. Do you know the rules of Skyrim duels? What if you trained with spears your whole life, and now for the sake of a duel you are forced to use a mace to be "on even footing"? A duel is never truly fair, there's difference in skill, intelligence, physicall prowess, reach, agility et cetera. Using different weapons shouldn't matter, you just use whatever you are best with.

  9. Yeah and when you fight unfairly and use methods that clearly give you an advantage over your opponent you look like a coward and loser, just like ulfric.

  10. Dustin, got taller still waiting on the puberty though

  11. Volcarona is one of my favorite Pokémon but I gotta suggest swapping it for pelliper. Add rain and reduce your teams fire weakness and make your water moves stronger.

  12. If you have little pp and can’t get girl 10mil might help you get girl

  13. Wow! This actually blows my mind. The cat itself looks photo real. It’s the cartoony looking clothing I think. It almost looks like you took a photo of a leopard and painted some clothes on him.

  14. Ok but do I have to travel to your home or will you come to mine?

  15. Our baby's heads are too big so when they're born, they're born helpless. Other animals born walking

  16. It’s worse than that. Increased brain size (and by association head size) is often attributed to humans gaining an upright posture. As a result of that upright posture humans evolved narrower hips so they could more easily maintain a center of balance for walking and running on two legs.

  17. She’s under suspicion of decapitating her husband

  18. Right? Cross out the N and it’ll say order at amazo! Lmao what is Amazo?! Omg I’m dying

  19. Me and my best friend played the heck out of this game

  20. Things you can find in nature are almost always better than man made analogs. For instance, your average house plant is more capable of making complex chemicals than your average PHD chemist.

  21. On the other hand I'd rather take an aspirin tablet than eat a load of willow bark

  22. Just smoke some of the devils lettuce. Way better than aspirin

  23. Machine master is definitely my way to play as well. Why fight with bow and spear when you can just let the machines deal with each other?

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