1. You say that as if someone cant lie over the internet. Regardless, youre giving me anecdotal evidence that goes against things Stranger has said himself. So, yeah, inclined to believe him over a dude on reddit

  2. I saw him in NYC last year and he played space boss so he's not lying. He literally said into the mic "this might be controversial but people always ask to play so here is" then bang SPACEBOSS

  3. i have a broken rib and took a shoulder to the chest at space camp but that’s on me for being in the pit with a busted ass rib lol. get your freak on, there are plenty of seats if you don’t want people bumping into you

  4. “Wondering y’all’s opinions”… but expect for when it contradicts my own.

  5. You're right I did get defensive. Just saw you lumping all moshes together and wanted to state that I believe we were very good about our boundaries. It seems the sub has come to the consensus that Griz making a song about mosh pits is okay to mosh to is okay as long as you're respectful about it. Peace out and keep raging🤙🏼

  6. It's pretty obvious these songs are trying to bring back the nectar feeling. He even named one Coliseum lol. But I think they're pretty damn good shout out to Feelmonger!

  7. Bring back Bassnectar before Space Jesus.

  8. What makes you say that? His allegations are much more solid and serious

  9. His music was also much more solid and serious.

  10. Way to miss the whole point of this post. I've seen him 8x. I know how good he is lol. But we can't just go around believing 0 victims. The ones that have credible claims should be believed 100%. Trust me I wish they weren't. No one can mix like him

  11. You have great taste yo! Been vibing to all of these lately. Was stoked to find Mersiv had resposted my new track on his Martian Jams playlist this list week 🤯

  12. You have gained a new fan homie! Love that playlist just listened to Somewhere and fuck with it keep it up bro

  13. Kinda sounds like Bring the madness but definitely different or some remix?

  14. What’s up with everyone doing promises remixes these past couple weeks? Illenium did one at breakaway two weeks ago, then Griz st north coast and RRD rocks. Not complaining just found it a coincidence

  15. Oh my wowza! That's incredible 😍 Love your reaction, you said everything I was thinking! 😂

  16. Sounds like a boogie t collab not big g 😂😂😂😂 big g wishes they could go this hard Bahahahahah

  17. Why big g? Doesn’t really sound like a big g song to me haha. This sounds like either the last drop I hadn’t heard or some extra new drop of that song he first dropped the other week everyone figured was a boogie t collab

  18. I also was confused when he said it was a big g collab. Could've misheard it was fucked up lol but people next to me also heard him say big g

  19. Thank you! Thought it was cyber g odyssey at first but it was a little off

  20. Will anyone be selling camping passes if it does end up happening in May? Looking for two moonglow passes!

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